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Finished watching the series "A Tale Dark & Grimm". Not bad. Not bad at all. 👍

Unlike the star-studded "A Series of Unfortunate Events" that I got tired of about halfway through -- got so sick of it I "looked away" and didn't watch the rest.

Practice bike ride day 3 

Another solo practice ride.

😐 Got my banged up in transit. Seems to still run okay. Just had to readjust the front mud guard.

☺️ Kind security guard helped me get my bike out of the car again.

😀 I did twice as much practice as Day 2.

😊 Making slow improvements.
Although I can still only do very wide turns. I'm still . But I'm doing it. I'm learning.

😎 Major breakthrough! For the 1st time I managed to get my bike in the car with no help! 💃

What I was up to this Monday afternoon 

Got my brother to help me get rid of the middle thingy. I could move the seats forward to bring my into the car but that thing was in the way.

And my bro thought I could have my bike beside me and suggested removing the front passenger seat as well. He did, but I couldn't turn the bike to move into that space. 🤷

I got my ~30-kilo (not sure of its real weight) bike in there by myself. 🏋️ Very pleased with myself. 🙃

Problem is getting it out! 😅

World War I German military bicycle brought from Germany in Tanganyika, present day Tanzania, which was used by German's soldiers to engage British's soldiers in Kenya.

German machine still intact, I need something like this today.

Barely a month old and already I got my banged up... while in transit... not while riding. 🙄

Bummer. 😐

Now what was that forecast saying?

I'm at my practice site and here's the sky -- clear and sunny enough.

Full disclosure: If I turn and take a photo of the opposite side of where I'm at it's actually overcast over there. You know what overcast looks like. Not taking a of that. 🤪

I kinda like* overcast, actually.

Main thing is: No rain. 🤓 And yes, I do love* rain. But not when I want to ride my bike. 😉

Still planning on going out on Sunday.

Looking at this afternoon's bulletin... erm... It doesn't look so bad, right?

😅 🚴

Pretty sure it doesn't look like this the whole rush hour time. But still...

Ain't it nice? 🤓❤️ 🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴

Well, look how quickly the is changing! 🤓 Used to say 90-ish percent chance of precipitation for Saturday and Sunday. Now it's at 70-ish percent.

Already made plans to a bit on Sunday morning, on my own, with possibility* of meeting up with someone 26kms 😮 for quick . Then meeting up in the afternoon with . 🚲❤️

My last practice was too short.
Because. Y'know. Alone. Awkward.

Gonna make the next trip worth it and bike more. With longer breaks. ☝️😉

There goes my weekend . 🚲 Gonna be rainy, pretty sure of it. At least it's not a major storm.

I'll just do a lot of walking on Monday for my *ahem* . 🛍️🛒🚶🏻‍♀️ 😁

Practice bike ride Day 2. Report 2/2. 

Still can't make smaller turns.
Still having trouble keeping the straight.
Still .
This time I remembered to keep my fingers on the brakes ☝️ (which had to remind me so many times on Day 1 last week).

Oh, and I fell! 😅
Very minor to my right knee.

First aid was alcohol spray and just lightly dusting the dirt off with my hanky.
I was wearing full-length jeans. 😉
Hence, very* minor.

Practice bike ride Day 2. Report 1/2. 

It seems like I didn't do much riding, but I got quite a . 🤪 No, really, I did. Honest! 😅

Total time out there was about 40mins, total move time ~13mins according to . Decided to stop when it was clear my ride was getting worse -- i.e. starting wasn't so easy anymore, felt more clumsy. That meant i wasn't feeling 100% and should stop before i start having bigger problems.

But I did it! My first solo practice ride! 😁

Very tired. About to go sleep. Will say more at a later toot.
Just want to say right now that...
I went out and practiced with my !

No today though. She's recuperating from her allergies.

It was just me. That's a big deal, by the way. 😉

Rewarded myself with a Subway sandwich and baby mocha . 😋🍰

After lunch i was trying to convince myself that I could go ride on my own. That I should* go practice. ('s not available this Saturday.)

But in me thought: maybe I'll just go down install the extension bar and camera bracket I just ordered, and be ready to ride on Sunday.

What's that sound?
A whole lotta rain!! 🌧️🌧️
Okay then.
It's not that I'm chicken. It's the rain! 😅

I will* try tomorrow Sunday. ✋🤓

So many accessories and tips/tricks that I cannot use.

For one... I must never put my upside down. 😅

I suppose I could if I got the two ends of the handlebar resting on top of bricks. 🤔 Nah, too much trouble.

I went through the photos and short of my getting assembled. Found an incomplete footage of them installing the front wheel. 🤓

The guy attaching the front wheel is new to assembling . (The more experienced one was assembling another bike.) The guy supervising and holding the frame is the vendor.

On second thought... re: getting my bike inside the car... 

Messing with the handlebar with all those cables is probably the worse idea. I just heard that someone did it that way -- maybe I misunderstood and it's not so simple. 🤔

Better to try the front wheel option. Then I'll be able to turn the handlebar parallel to the frame. I'll need to check if what I saw in a video is applicable to my bike. Though I remember it required 2 guys to get the front wheel on when they assembled my . 😶

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I took my out of the car. Actually somebody else took it out for me. It was a struggle* to get it out. I feel bad for the helpful security guard, and for my bike that gets bumped this way and that.

Now I'm thinking...

I better learn to remove the pedals (maybe i only need to remove 1) and to either remove the front wheel or maybe (without much drama) remove or turn the handle bar perpendicular (i.e. parallel to the bike body). Hopefully I'll find a good instructional YouTube . 🔍😶

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