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During no dine-in was allowed.

Now it's of only small areas with -positive people.

To help the , they're allowing to accommodate dine-in customers but ONLY if they have a card to prove they've been vaccinated.

I appreciate how our gov't has handled pandemic, but this time they forgot something. Some people CAN'T get vaxxed YET -- they're not frontliners, not elderly, have no comorbidities. ButTheyGotMoneyToSpend. 🙄

Was thinking yesterday that I should try again this Monday. But I'm feeling [mildly] sore in my upper arms and back shoulder.

repeatedly told me "little by little". Ok. I'll take that advice. Next ride will be next weekend.

I'll do some walking instead. At a different mall -- maybe I can find a pair of not flashy, "rigid sole", available-in-my-size . Maybe not too* rigid, but at least not soft like my very old worn-out rubber shoes.

I was doing takeout at Subway the other day when I saw the cutest pup ever!

I want this . 🐶❤️ So well-tempered and disciplined. 👍 It had been standing on the chair calmly for a few minutes when this photo was taken. Not acting restless. No barking. No whimpering. Just chill. 😎

Bike practice no. 1 

Number 1

Warning: Not for those prone to !

is an attached with velcro straps to the cables* running in front of the handle bar -- i.e. not firmly attached to the body or handle bar. Wonky. Wobbly.

Lady in blue is .
Yellow is hers.
Don't know who owns the white car.

- Clumsy. Lack control.
- Trouble turning. Very wide turns.
- Keep forgetting to keep my fingers on the breaks.

Well vaccinations do work, people tend to end up less on intensive care.

But people should still be careful.

5 hours after practice...
I got toe cramps. 😶
(I think that's what it is. 🤷‍♀️)
I should probably get a potassium supplement.

Today was a big deal.
I decided to reward myself.
😋 🟣🍰☕

Finally! 🚴 Used my for the first time since I bought it. 🙄

It's good to ignore reports saying "scattered thunderstorms". 🤪

As a bonus, met with me. Nice lady. She showed me where I could practice, taught me a few things, encouraged me. 😊🙏

And I had help (from strangers) getting that big chunk of metal and rubber in and out of the car. 🤭 Yeah, had to drive elsewhere to ride my bike in a safe-for-beginners environment.

🎵 I want to ride my
I want to ride my
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like 🎶 🚴

"When is it ok to tell a lie?"

At around 20 minutes into the podcast, they answer a listener question:
Could our modern day obsession with be bad for our mental health? 🤔

🎵 Don't ever sell your saddle
Never owe another man
Watch where you spit on a windy day
Don't use words you don't understand
Find the Lord before you need Him
And never lose your pride
Don't ever sell your saddle
Coz life's a long, long ride 🎶
-- Randy Travis 🤠🏇

Let's not complicate things. 

You choose* to get vaccinated because you want the .
You choose* to not get vaccinated because you don't want it.
Hopefully no one is forcing you to do what you don't want to do.
If you're not forced to do what you don't want to do and are free to choose to do as you please...

Quit making ugly noises.
It's just noise.
It's not a proper conversation.

Make it clear, useful.
Otherwise just let the coherent smart sane people do the talking/preaching.

People are strange 🙄 

When you message me saying:

ANSWER: to send a message.
►NO, the baby boomers...
►NO, Financial institutions, politics...

I'm sorry. What?

I got lost in the incoherent messaging and bad infographic.
Vaccined? Dady?
Oh, I should be enticed to read about it because it's "our last chance to do it without violence"?
You don't like ?
Lemme guess...
You got parent/grandparent issues.

Getting vaccinated 

In a previous episode...

I was able to get registered* for but scheduling* was unavailable.

Now I get an email saying there are slots available... on Thursday. 😶 I can't do weekdays. I got weekday issues.

Will have to wait and hope that they announce a weekend or Monday morning schedule. 🙏

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Saw this posted at a bike group. It's a new place Biker's Bite. They put a long table outdoors where can stay on their and have a quick bite. With foot rests to give your legs a break and a holder under the table to help keep your bike upright. 😀

Good to see that it's not just Dunkin' doing bike-throughs and outdoor tables/seating designed with cyclists in mind. 👍

Unfortunately this one is several cities away. Nope. Not going there.

Out & about. A little brunch. 

I've been good so far.

Had some lettuce ✔️
and onions ✔️
3 slices of ham 🐖
2 slices of cheese 🧀
on a honey oat bun 🥖 ✔️
And... Coke. 😁

Okay, I lose points for the soda. 🤷 But at least I had some* !

Monday morning. The end of my* weekend.

Gloomy weather. ⛈️ No riding today. Will see about next weekend. Still hopeful, even though the report says scattered thunderstorms for the next 10 days. 🙄

We have a saying: "Libre ang mangarap." It's free (i.e. doesn't cost anything) to dream or hope.

Nothing urgent or important, but I'm stepping out. 🚶🏻‍♀️ Just for the sake of getting out. I'll get some chips and treat myself to some (takeout for eating later at tonight). 😋🍰☕

Weather matters 

I don't have a lot of faith in reports. I know... Weather is unpredictable as weather.

Today, morning* hours were expected to just be cloudy -- according to yesterday's AND this morning's reports. It's raining now.

For last week, reports said there'd be rain/thunderstorms all day, every day, the whole week. But Monday and Tuesday mornings were actually partly sunny. I could've planned for Monday differently.

Partly sunny vs thunderstorms.
BIG difference. 🤷‍♀️

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