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I'm out now and...

The skies are darkened and doing some major grumbling and rumbling.

I'm gonna be getting wet. 😅

Now if my doctor would come already so I can be done here and start heading home. Why are doctors always unglamorously late for their own clinic hours? 🙄

But she's a really good doctor. Must be patient. 😐

Oh! I made a pun! 🤪

Of &

Like weeds.

It's not at all difficult to get a disposable/anonymous address or mobile .

How smart is it to
wait for weeds to pop out
then point it out and
go around shouting
"Look! Look! Bad weed! Bad weed! Stop the weed!! Arrest that weeeeed!!"

I don't know the best solution. But unless you got something better than the above, does it not make better* sense to just discourage* the growth of weeds?

A buen entendedor,
pocas palabras bastan.

My Monday 

I was a sleepy head on Sunday. But I'm pleased to report that... I rode my today. 😃 Weather forecast said rain 🌧️ at 5, 7 & 10AM. Not. 🤪 Glad I didn't believe the forecast.

Doing errands now.
And I can relax.
I'm off today.
It's a holiday for my 🇺🇲 bosses.
The one in Romania is probably working today.

Maybe I'll do a little work... Just the weekly report, so he got something up-to-date to work with. 🤔

One of the better parking facilities I've seen. It's in a spot with high traffic, just in front of some restaurants, and has a bicycle repair station with some basic tools.

🧹 Got some cleaning up to do...

13 people coming over this afternoon.
I should let the [dumb] robot vacuum run around one more time.
Gotta clean up some more.
And I should move my bikes.
Tossed the clutter to a corner of my room. Still visible, but at least they're [sort of] out of the way.

It is what it is. 🤪

Finding furniture isn't easy.
2 malls and 1 major furniture store later...

Found something good enough.

No other colors.
Only 1 piece available.

I was planning to get 2.
Better than zero, I guess.

"I'm in a relationship with ."

"No coffee, no entry."

" loading. Please wait."

" - Obsessive Coffee Disorder

"A yawn is just a silent scream for coffee."

I'm having a dozen visitors coming this Saturday. 😳 I got some prepping and cleaning to do.

I've got a few chairs plus my little sofa, but that's not enough.

Instead of buying a couple more [crappy plastic] chairs I think I'll get a bench. 🤔

Must go shopping. Not gonna be easy finding one i like... I'm very picky. Hopefully I won't need to settle for plastic. 😬

Today's been good. 😃 #ImFeelingChatty 

Then I got home. Got me and my bike in the elevator. Up a few floors, a neighbor got on. (I don't know any* of my neighbors. I've tooted before about people not even making eye contact.) But I sensed he might be nice. I turned. We sort of nodded at each other. And he said,
"Nice bike." 👀

"It's just a Japan surplus..." 🙂

"But it's good for exercise." 👍

Thank you, kind sir. 😊🙏

And that was my day so far.
There's hope in this world! 😃👍

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Today's been good. 😃 #ImFeelingChatty 

And then I discovered that beeeautiful Starbucks place, just a minute away from the laundromat. (Pictures in a previous toot.)

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Today's been good. 😃 #ImFeelingChatty 

I stopped by a small business laundromat to pick up my laundry. First time I'm using their service. (I got annoyed with the one at the mall -- never going back there.)

It was drizzling. Parking slots were taken. I was double-parked in front of their shop for about a minute, getting my stuff together -- ya know, taking the phone from the holder, pulling out the laundry claim stub...

And the guy (owner?) came out and handed me my laundry. 😯

Aaaaaww... 😊🙏

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Today's been good. 😃 #ImFeelingChatty 

Loaded Li'l Blue 🚲 in the car to get some service. Front tire was flat and it has a weird valve (the 's a Japan surplus with chop-chop parts) -- it's not Schraeder, not Presta. 🤷‍♀️ Couldn't inflate it myself. Fortunately I already got me a Schraeder inner tube. Ya know, in case of an emergency. Went and had a pro do it for me. 50 pesos for the service changing the inner tube. Wow! 👍

But wait, that's not all...

Oh my goodness. 😯

This is the most nicely decorated store I've been in! With a lot of natural light coming in the entire place. And very spacious. 😃👍

There's even a little room* in the corner for a little more quiet.

I didn't look hard, just a quick glance around, and it doesn't look like there are any electrical outlets for diners. Another good thing, actually -- considering how shameless people can be.

Went to for a lunch get-together. First time to dine at Alex III again since COVID started. So sad to see it so empty at lunchtime. ☹️ It was one of our preferred though it's not in any of our neighborhoods. No thanks to COVID, we didn't eat out much the past couple of years.

The is still good. The service, one of the best in .

So good to see the old waiters* are still there, still giving great service. They're a big part of what makes Alex III great. 👍

Either this is cute/amusing
or this is sad. (See photo caption.)

I say it's sad. 😐

Dogs have four legs!
Let 'em use those legs!!

I had a very sleepy Saturday. Didn't do much at all. But I just had one of the nicest dreams.

In my dream...

I had a dog! 🐕❤️

I'm feeling chatty. TL,DR 😁 

And because yesterday the shuttle wasn't operational, I walked home. It was still light so the gated neighborhood park was still open. I walked through it and...

Dragonflies! 😃
Lots of them!
Hovering over the thick ground cover that they allowed to grow naturally.
(Other grassy areas are cut. Blah. 😝)

They weren't there months before, when I last visited.

Now it'd be super cool if we got more bird varieties like at the Ecopark. 🐦🦜

Hmm... Need more trees... 🤔

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I'm feeling chatty. TL,DR 😁 

Yesterday and the day before, Pest Control 🚫🐜🦟🪳 was scheduled to spray around in our building. Yesterday was the first day I found a cockroach at my apartment. Well, actually it was outside* my window. Dead.

Dead is good. But still. Eww!!

No, wait. That wasn't the very 1st. But the truly 1st one was a stowaway from the appliance vendor's warehouse -- it hitched a ride with my little fridge and entered by way of home delivery. It's an alien. Not counting that 1.

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I'm feeling chatty. TL,DR 😁 

Yesterday, while my place got 💨🦟🐜🚫, a security guard (not the one who warned me about crimes in the neighborhood) that I haven't seen lately commented that he doesn't see me riding my anymore.

But I do. About once a week on a weekend morning. Out and away from my place to the malls and neighboring areas.

Then i remembered. I used to [practice] ride on a weekday, early evenings. Just laps for half an hour around the neighborhood.

I should do that again. 🤔

While the rest of the world are counting 4 months till , in the we're counting 4 days... till people start decorating for Christmas and the malls start playing Christmas songs. 😊

Because that's how we roll. 🤸‍♀️

The -ber months do that to you. 😄🎄🎉

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