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I got playing in the background during work and I'm at S9:E9 The Platonic Permutation.

is on it?! 😳 I didn't know he's such a big person. Well, he waaaaas standing next to Wolowitz. 🤔

Kidding aside, I'm impressed with this series. I mean, they even got to make multiple appearances! That's pretty cool! 👏🤓 (Plus some other big stars.)

And if I'm not happy with GOMO I can always port my number to one of the other 2 networks.

Reason for not porting to Smart is that porting can only happen if you get their postpaid account.

I'm done with postpaid.
No subscription plan suits my needs.
And my needs are simple.
And a lot more practical and affordable than any mobile plan available. 😉

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Got my USC from Globe and just ordered a new SIM to port my number to. 😁

I can't wait to ditch Globe! Crappy portal/website, crappy customer service. Happy to forfeit my 300+ remaining credits. 😝

It may not look like I'm completely cutting ties with their network because I'm just moving to GOMO mvno, but there'll be no more monthly dues, no expiration for data, no crappy Globe service.

Grateful to former president for making this happen. 🙂🙏

That we felt in at 8:45 AM originated from the 8:43 earthquake in in the most northern part of . Magnitude was measured at 7.3 -- the strongest one this year, I think. ☹️


First time I used the staircase. Kinda freaky. I went down 4 floors before I saw a door handle. Then a few more floors with no door handle on the staircase doors. 😐

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The A/C ❄️ service* guys are here. And so is the Tech Head from the A/C vendor*. He showed them where they went wrong and why I'm having problems with my a/c. He sort of scolded them too saying "expect to be noticed* [for performance] when you've hit your quota [of complaints]."

😁 Waaaah!


The solution: re-do the installation. They're gonna be here for a loooong time. 🙄

Ugh. And now I gotta clean up and put away a lot of my stuff. It won't look pretty if I just leave them lying around when they visit, and I don't need anyone to be seeing too much of my personal life.

That's right, techie people. Don't forget your in the real physical world. It matters too. ☝️

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Monday morning I'll get a joint visit from Aserco the company that sold me my A/C ❄️ and their accredited service/installation guys with whom i've had a few issues with.

In their last service visit they broke a large piece of plastic from my A/C. 😡 (I'd called them to fix a leak, apparently an installation boo-boo. They fixed nothing.)

Well now the A/C won't cool but I think the company man is coming regarding my previous bad experiences with the service guys.

Gonna be a fun visit. 😐

And on today's ride...

I see dead frogs. 😳
They don't know they're dead.
They know nothing.
They're dead. 🤷‍♀️

I would've done another round at the veterans compound but it wasn't fun seeing so much frog road kill. 😐

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It's Sunday morning 🌄

I went riding again! 🤸‍♀️

Quite pleased with myself.
I think I deserve cake.
Oh wait. I got leftover pizza.
That's good too.
I still want cake. 😁

And now I rest while I wait for the mall to open. Got some serious shopping to do. Unfortunately I have to do it on a Sunday. Can't do it on Monday.

🌧️⛈️🌧️🌧️⛈️🌧️ 👀

Sing it now...
🫵💬 🤓 😊👍

Hoping to ride again tomorrow morning. 🏙️🚴🏙️ 🤞

Don't be lazy, Evelyn.
Don't be lazy. ☝️🤨

Not bad. Not bad at all. 🤔

Garmin activity tracker recorded almost 2 hours but that included chatting with the security guard and a 5-minute break. Moving time was really 1.5 hours.

He said get robbed of their cellphones on this and that street while at the red light and that somebody got stabbed last night. He recommends staying on the interior streets. Well, that's no fun. 😕

Whatever. I rode my today! And it's my longest solo ride! ☝️😃

The morning's missions accomplished.
Now i try to sleep...

So this is the new normal dine-in experience. in a reusable plastic cup. Sugar and creamer not in sachets but in condiment containers -- not a good idea in this time of , me thinks. 😐 Hash brown on a plate instead of paper. But the sandwich is still wrapped in paper. 🤷‍♀️

Well... Multiply that by millions... Every little effort helps. 👍

Work day is over. But not going to bed yet. It's not like I'll fall asleep anyway. I'm thinking I need to shift... Move my time till later and do stuff in the morning instead. Maybe then I'll get better sleep.

Doing car matters today. Need to get that axle or tie rod thingy fixed. Going to be a long wait. Then go for wheel alignment. Then fill the tank. ⛽

Fuel prices are crazy. 😐
I hope things get better soon.
For the whole world. 🙏

I got a new bruise. 😐
For no reason.
And I'm reminded that i haven't taken any iron supplements in many months.
That's probably it.
Plus the laziness and lack of these past couple of weeks.

Will try to sleep now and do plenty of walking in the mall later. And I gotta buy me some iron and fizzy multivitamins.

🎵 I want a new drug
One that won't spill 🎶
🎵 One that don't cost too much
Or come in a pill 🎶

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