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First time I joined a event. This one's called Pedal for People & Planet. We gathered at University Ave. They distributed free jerseys, arm sleeves, tube masks. While they got us organized they made references to 2 presidential candidates. is over but people won't stop. 🙄 Let's just call it .

Then at the event venue when the serious talk started they made references to dictators/dictatorship.

I came for the planet.
No need to get .
But they did.
And we left.

Sad. Black Scoop Cafe on this street is long gone. It's been replaced by a new called SF Gallery which combines with a shop and another seller serving rice meals.

Looks kinda new. There are workers drilling something in the back. It's okay, I guess. I was just turned off by how the owners behaved in their own cafe. One was loudly playing some video on a tablet. The other informed him from across the room how their toilet is clogged and that he can't get it clean. 🙄

Fediblock recommend! Important! 

I know I posted this before but I'm gonna do it again to make sure it reaches as wide as possible..

The following domain: "" went live a little while back and when checking out the instance it has 2 accounts. The admin(that follows known racists in the Fedi) and a 'FollowBot' that automatically follows as much accounts as possible.

Why would this be an issue you say?

Well! A while ago some bad actors made via the exact same way a follow bot that added people into "groups" that they thinked we belonged in like: "gay, lefist, activist, trans" etc etc!

These lists can only be used for targeting people online and we DO NOT WANT THIS in any way!

I again, I urge #Fediverse admins to domain block "" ASAP.


Boneless bangus (milkfish) glazed in adobo mango sauce, served with rice and atsara (pickled veggies)

Yummy! 😋

I'll be away a couple of days. These little aren't going to get any spritzing 💦 while I'm gone. I hope they don't die. 😕 I do have them indoors right next to the window for plenty of sun.

My is pretty settled. It doesn't need me for another week, I think.

I've sorta given up on the . It's outside. Let the rain take care of it. It's not a baby plant anyway. 🤷‍♀️

Yarn! I found yarn! 😃
I wanted 1 black + 1 white, but they didn't have white. This blue mix will have to do.

Almost ordered online. But sometimes it's better to buy from a store.

I'm excited. Just bought it and started doing some chain stitch while snacking at a new cafe...

Been a long time since I last did any stitching. But I still remember how to ! 😁 I guess I won't be needing crochet "recipes". 🤪 Pretty sure there's no recipe for what I'm about to make...

It's nice that we're having a get-together. But this just isn't my thing.

Paying to sing. 🙄
Super loud speakers in a little room. 😖

I actually got my earbuds on, with nothing playing through it. I can still hear them, of course. Still loud. Just to plug my ears and hopefully lessen the hearing damage.

is weird.
Fortunately the here is good enough.
But still. 🙄 *sigh*

Inconsistencies 🤷‍♀️ 

I posted before re: serving dine-in in non disposables -- i.e. glasses & mugs instead of plastics & paper cups. And they'd provide a long spoon with your frappuccino because they won't provide straws. I was told it's a ordinance and they'd get fined or something if they got caught with diners using disposables in-store.

Now I'm at a store I've never visited before and as you can see in the ... disappointing. It's also in Quezon City. 🙄

Interesting... 🔌⚡🚗

First time i've seen this anywhere in my city. See caption.

I don't know what are available on the market in our country. I imagine we may have hybrids. 🤔 Didn't think private/ordinary citizens would already be into -- I mean actually owning* one. We do have some public utility vehicles that are electric.

Very interesting indeed.

A very satisfying late lunch.

In slang it's called longsilog* -- which is longganisa (pork sausage) + sinangag (fried rice) + itlog (egg) and normally served with atsara (pickled veggies) on the side.

Maybe it's not considered slang anymore. 🤔

Tried a new place.
It's good.
It's very very good. 😋👌

Looks like they specialize in cookies. But I don't care for those.

Yeah. I'll be coming back. 😃

Day 4 🌱

🥇 Pechay seedlings are doing very well.
🥈 Eton lettuce looks good too.
🥉 Not many sprouts from the Lollo Bionda.

Need to wait another 10 days before they're ready to be transferred to the thingy.

Please don't die. 🙏

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Had dinner in with a loud happy bunch. I had Sweet & Sour Pork and Radish Cake.

I love radish cake. Pan fried. 👌

I wonder if it's possible to grow in an apartment and if it's worth doing it. 🤔 I know nothing about growing it, of course. 🤪

Oh yeah, my reports I did 2 hours of cardio (there's no "" option so I counted it as a activity) -- that includes pushing my up the car ramp to exit the building. 🤪

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Successful ride. 🚴🚴🚴🚴
Still alive. 🤪

Got home and first thing I wanted was a reward for my efforts. So I ordered an Egg McMuffin for delivery.

Yes, I did use (again) several times during our ride. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up with my . 😁

Now very tired. I didn't get enough . I'm actually not sure if I slept at all.

What's next?
Well obviously... 💤

Got a Sunday morning date with some .

Must sleep.
Now. 😶


I felt like trying something a little different but not too different.

Ordered this Sizzling Chicken Aglio Olio Pasta at Pepper Lunch Express. Topped with strips of nori. And rather pepper-y.

It's alright, I guess. Everything here is served on a sizzling plate, and everything has pepper. 🙄

I'm just not a fan of black pepper in my pasta. I should probably never order here.

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