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Don't know about Thelio stuff, but I want that wiiiiiiide screen! 😲🖥️🖥️🖥️

(Nah, I don't have the desk space.)


Well, perhaps me feeling chicken at 4AM and changing my mind about riding 8AM this morning was just to keep me out of the rain. Yup. It's raining now, even though today's weather report showed just overcast in the morning hours and rain in the afternoon.

Hopefully this means the afternoon will be better weather. 🙏 One can hope, right?

Beware: bike theft 

Yesterday I read a thread on local ' experiences. Many who posted were robbed of accessories like headlight, water bottle & holder, etc while they left their bike parked. Many places had no cctv. There was security staff nearby but they "saw nothing".

Today I read about an battery being stolen.

Then i remember my bike's vendor telling me how to remove the battery so I can take it with me, that it costs USD180. 😳

Now thinking of precautions... 🤔

(Tomorrow...) Today. 

It's 4AM-ish and I'm chickening out of my original plan to go out and in the morning. 😐

Now thinking I'll go in the afternoon instead. Hope the weather will be good and I actually go through with it. 😣

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Excellent graphic in De Volkskrant today. Who infects who? The top labels are Source, with unvaccinated on the left and vaccinated on the right, the side labels are Recipient, with vaccinated on top and unvaccinated on bottom.


I hope the will be good enough tomorrow morning...
I hope I find a safe place where I won't be shooed away...
And I hope I'll be brave enough...
To go practice* riding my .

And I end the week with an hour of (unpaid) overtime because one of the bosses decided to do a 2-hour call with me an hour before my work supposedly ends. Pretty sure I've mentioned in more than one occasion that my hours are 9-5. I even put it in my email signature!

The unpaid was not the worst part. It's itching to get off work and being stuck on a waaaaay too extended call, not knowing when it'll end. 😖

Getting vaccinated 

At the end of my very long weekend, Tuesday noon, I consulted with 1 of my doctors. I asked if I can get my while [the government] is still only catering to people under Group A. Doc says I belong to A3* and wrote me a medical certificate for it. 👍

Got myself registered* at the city vax website. But scheduling* is unavailable at the moment. 🤷‍♀️

Info says I'll be informed via .

At least I made some progress. I hope I get or some other .

I'm curious. I've seen two fairly new stores this weekend and they don't have the word in the store name anymore. Is Dunkin' no longer just Donuttin? 🤔

Out & about. Shoes. 

Was going to buy rubber . Ended up buying these woolies. Machine washable, it claims. Actually, I think any* sneakers can be washed. 🤔 Just put them in a net bag and throw them in the washing machine. 🤷‍♀️

Couldn't find a pair that I liked -- crazy colors, either too sporty or too pretty, or not in my size. Ended up buying these. I found it amusing that they're shoes as washable.

Wore them the last 2 hours of my errand day.

Sooooo soft and comfy!! 😊❤️

Long jitsi meet in the wee hours.
Some chores.
A little personal admin stuff.
Video editing.

Change of plans. Medical stuff. 

and I aren't meeting today. The rain is actually just a drizzle now. But we already decided to postpone.

A good thing actually, because in my hospital visit last week I forgot that I was also supposed to get an . 😬 So I'm doing that today and hopefully the results will be ready by Tuesday when I see the again.

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Don't rain on my parade. Pretty please? 😶 

Well, hasn't cancelled. She's thinking of alternatives and will message me in the morning.

I better make solo plans. If we can't go riding then I'm doing my walking. 🚶🏻‍♀️🛍️🛒

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Don't rain on my parade. Pretty please? 😶 

It's pouring this evening. Google says it'll be raining for sure the whole day tomorrow.

Messaged my . Hoping she knows of an alternative place for practice -- someplace covered like a basketball court. I'd really like to start riding already. Gotta practice the basics, shifters and controls.

Thank You for rain. I love rain. Really, I do. But please lemme go ride without getting all wet and muddy. 😁🙏

Just found out a friend got . She's fully vaccinated with , but says she caught it from her unvaccinated dad. Fortunately they both seem fine and are quarantining at home. Good thing they're not severe/critical cases. 🙏 Hospitals are quite full already. 😶

Didn't ask for details. From what I know about her dad, he probably went mingling with friends, or traveled for business out of town.

My bike. Miscellaneous stuff 📷 

Um... For the record, I'm not an action kind of person. It's more for recording in case I need evidence. Ya know, like a dashcam. But for my bike.

Also maybe I'll encounter interesting things. Would be good to have it recorded.

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My bike. Miscellaneous stuff 📷 

Found a way to attach my not-so-crappy old to my -- I finally get to use those straps that came with it. 🤪 The bike is its new home.

This means I need a different for the car. And because I don't want to buy another* (it's a very* old car and we all know upgrading never ends) I ordered a clip-on attachment for my old that converts the lens to a slightly wider angle. That'll do. 👌

Family lunch was delivery from a fave restaurant. It came rather late, so we had cake and coffee before lunch came. 😄🍰☕ Who says you gotta have the meal before the dessert? 🤪

Celebrating a birthday. Used to be we'd make reservations at a resto and my siblings and their families all show up. Now, celebrations are just with whoever you live with.

And we live with elderlies. Don't wanna be importing/exporting germs between cities. 🤷‍♀️

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