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My bike. Pros & cons. 

The good thing about my
is that I can't accessorize it much.
Money saved. ☝️😃

The not so good thing?
I can't accessorize it much.

Can't add a rack or anything that attaches to the seat post.
No place for an under-the-saddle bag, triangular bag, etc.
No space for the unnecessary.

Ordered a little bag that'll go on the handle bar. That should be enough for basic tools and a mini first aid pack. 👌 Anything else will have to go in my backpack. 🤔

Today, my looooong not-too-lazy weekend starts. 

Lunch 🍜🥡🥟🍲🎂☕ with the family and some lazy home time today. (Maybe some cleaning too.)

Rendezvous with my new on Saturday. Confirmed! 👍

Possibly meeting a second on Sunday. 🤞😁

Home time on Monday. 🛋️ There's still a bug going around out there, ya know. The less time spent out there, the less the exposure.

Some errands and another doctor visit on Tuesday. Yeeeeah...

Then back to reality on Tuesday night. 🌃👩‍💻

Hope this Jolina (Conson) passes soon. And hopefully people will heed warnings. We tend to underestimate weather severity.

Pleased to see that it's estimated to be out of the country by the weekend. (Yes, please!! 🙏) But then someone else is coming to visit -- Kiko (Chanthu). It's supposed to pass higher up north. Easier for most parts of the country, unlike Jolina that just rolled directly over the islands.

Online shopping. Status. 

"Parcel has been delivered."

Well it's about time! 😁
Yeah, I had a quick chat with their yesterday.
Told them my package has been sitting in the same place for too long.
That did it. 👍
It pays to be proactive. 😉

Here I go again...
Another hospital visit.
More blood extraction.

Bike-learning experience...?! 

Nada! 🤷‍♀️ Wasn't able to attempt a practice ride after I got my last Saturday.

Still waiting for the helmet I ordered. It was shipped late -- 3 days after I ordered it. And now tracking shows it's been in 1 place/station for +3 days now. 😶

If it doesn't arrive by Friday, I'll have to buy [another] at a brick-&-mortar store so I can start doing practice rides next Saturday. Someone very kindly volunteered to be my that day. 😊🙏

One of the things that really struck me about how people speak to each other online outside of the US is the use of "you" as a third person pronoun in American English.

American English: "You don't simply walk into Mordor!"

Other Englishes: "One does not simply walk into Mordor!"

In the first formulation, the reader feels, consciously or not, directly addressed, which generates a specific defensive reaction. In the second formulation, the reader is implicitly included in the whole of humanity. Everything is less confrontational.

Using this formulation makes one's posts more persuasive. The reader's experience is less combative. The writer can slide past their defences and make a point. Fewer people experiencing the post feel annoyed. I highly recommend you stop saying "you" to refer to a generic unknown person.

I keep getting asked "Did you get your yet?" Nope. This is why. They're not done with group A. Not sure if i qualify for A3, the group for persons with comorbidities.

And I'm hoping I'd get to choose which vaccine to get. But it looks like I won't get to choose. Who am I to complain. The government is giving it for . 🤷‍♀️ I suppose I could go to a hospital and pay to get what I want. 🤔

Anyway, I should check with my doctor/s first...

Bike-buying experience 

Decided what I want in a .
Browsed for many weeks* at , an Asian version of Amazon.
❤️ed the ones I like, filtering for vendors within driving distance.
Compared prices/features.
Ranked by my-most-preferred to good-enough-for-me.
Messaged the vendor.
Got their address.
Bought direct from them.

Best part:
Instead of buying online, getting it delivered in a gigantic box, unassembled...
I saw the goods before I paid and they assembled it for me. 😉

Bicycle question from a clueless newbie. Shifters. 

When I got my from the vendor, he suggested leaving the left side shifter at the 3rd highest mark (like in the photo) and the right shifter at 4* (if I remember correctly). He said that was what I needed and that I wouldn't need to change them. I did let him know that I'm a .

Does that sound right?

Gotta appreciate! 😊❤️ Yeah, I'm talking about that ghost town. 😄

I already got my own set up, but thought I'd check out the website and see if I can contact them -- since the instance was down.

Sent an email to and..... the instance @jrenken responded!

Several hours later it was fixed and I had access to my Bookmarks, Follows, etc again! 👍 Thank you, James. 😊🙏

Anybody looking for a ? does ! 😉

Don't know what I'm doing differently.

Used to be I got ALL media hidden* when accessing -- via web or via on 2 different devices. Now Tusky shows media that are not marked sensitive. It's annoying.

Only thing different is I added my new account (at my own instance) to Tusky.

I guess I'll have to use a browser too when on . 😕

I'm asking my brother if I could remove the back seat/cushion of the car. Waiting for an answer. Hopefully he'll have time and help me remove it. It's too tight there for my . (Fortunately today i had help getting it in and out.)

I'm not ready for the street yet. Need to drive some place safe for practice. 😶

My weekend so far... 

So that elegant green 29er isn't mine. This big heavy chunk of metal with 26-inch wheels is! 😊❤️🚲

Those who guessed I was getting a , you're right. Those who guessed I was getting an , you were right too. Can't remember if anyone guessed . The poll was in my now-no-more account.

It. Is. Heavy! 🏋️

It was a struggle getting it home. Gonna be a challenge each time I wanna take it anywhere.

I just remembered. Somebody had asked me a couple of days ago in the middle* of the day (before the sandwich died on me) about whether the for that day was ready. I didn't get to respond and I don't remember his/her Mastodon username.

If you're still out there, the answer is: The DOH publishes their report at the end* of each day. Follow their official accounts on , FB, Twitter, etc. to get the / straight from them.

Weekend plans 📆 

It's Thursday.
I call almost see Saturday --
the day I will hopefully* get my . 🙏

Really hope the vendor will be accommodating. They normally only do online selling. I'll be bugging them at their given address. Found it on Google Maps and it looks like a residence. It's a big purchase and I want to inspect before I fully decide and pay. Besides, I don't want my bike (which will be in a box) handled by a delivery guy who might not take Handle With Care seriously.

Ah yes. I should mention that went down unexpectedly. I was unable to Migrate/Export my , and .

I found old exports from when I moved out of, but it's very old. I've followed new people since, and some have already added/changed instances. That means I lost a good number of people I used to follow.

Oh well... I'll find them again, I guess. Eventually. 🤷‍♀️

I'm a little bummed about losing my bookmarked stuff though. 😐

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Time for a new toot.

Hello again, & ! 🤓

C'est moi! The evelynyap* that was on, who then moved to, and then moved to

I now have my very own 😊🙏

Thanks to the wonders of @mastohost, non techies like me can have an instance... sans the headache and nose bleed. ☝️😁

Okaaaaay... I'm new to having my own . Now I thought there was a way for to entire .

Can't find how. 🤷‍♀️ Hoping for a For Dummies guide. Would very much like to quickly block the junk. Can somebody pretty please direct me to the right page/site?

N.B.: I'm and have my own instance via .

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