re: Hey. Guess what... 

Thanks. 🙏
Managed to get a few Zzzz's. 😴💤

That's was just weird being awake for so long. I was actually worried. 😕

Hey. Guess what... 

Thanks. I finally* got some sleep. About an hour in the morning. 🤷‍♀️ No alarm, nobody disturbing me. I just woke up on my own. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Then i went out for errands and came home and managed to sleep again for a couple of hours. I'm having the day off and don't have to work tonight. Will try to sleep some more.

So weird not getting any sleep for 40+ hours. It's like that movie "Awake" where nobody could sleep and they were going bonkers. 🤯

Hey. Guess what... 

I'm still awake.

Been over 40 hours now. 😳

Aaaaaagh! 😖
Whyyyyyyy!! 😫

Thanks @Baggypants 🙏

Still trying to sleep. Still wide awake. 😳 I last woke up 28 hours ago. Need to snooze even just a bit before work tonight. 😖

Why can't I ...
¿Por qué?
Bah-keeeeeet?! 😫

I vote Copper ☝️🐱
Too many Charlies already.
Tibs is okay but a syllable too short.

Oh... I hope they don't do that here. 😳 No announcements of price increase, so far.

I brought over my other cuttings to my new place. Check out the root comparison.

The left and middle ones are 156 day-old cuttings that were just growing in water. (The middle 1 was literally just a stick that i put in water.)

The right one is a 54 day-old cutting that I put in a container full of jelly beads and water.

Me thinks the left and middle ones might like jelly beads too. So there I put them. Can't wait to see their roots' progress after a few weeks. 🤓

Is that some kind of heater it's leaning on?
Won't it end up a roasted chick?

Okay, sorry that was a morbid thought. It's a cute chick. We don't wanna roast it. 😁

You never that, really?

Some dreams even involve unbelievably steep slopes, like in a roller coaster ride. Somehow whatever object I'm driving* has enough horsepower to make it to the top. 🤷‍♀️

😅 hehe... Yeah, that's what some dreams are made of.

And after some 40 long hours since it got some water, the limpy is back to looking alive and perky. 😊

My life isn't like any dream. 🤔
I mean, I can't jump several stories high, I don't have a permanent room at some hotel, and I can't drive a chair or a plank on the road like a car.

Found "Cats" on .
Never seen it before.
Tried watching it.
For about 10 minutes.
I feel like I'm punishing myself.
I think I'd rather sleep.

First thing I did when I got back was water it. I hope it recovers by the next morning. 🤞

Who hates boomers...
Who? Who?!!
Show your faces!

We got enough COVID going around.
No room for hate.
No room!

Ya hear me?

After 8AM won't make sense because by then you'd be at work or on your way to work.

But then, it's 8PM somewhere else on the planet. 🤷‍♀️

I think they're meant to be after-dinner mints. Not dinner! 🤪

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