Thank you. Really appreciate it. 🙏

It really hurts. 😖
Every move is "Ah!" and "Ow!"

@Big_Diggity @manuelcaeiro
The staff at the ER "qualified" me asking if I hit my head, how long ago it happened... Then told me they're full and it's better to go to another hospital.

Maybe I should've said i hit my head. 😅

Anyway, by then the sun had gone down and i had to drive myself home with 1 arm. Decided not to go ER-shopping. Went home instead.

I dunno.
What can they do for me anyway?
Run an x-ray?
It's probably not a fracture.
If so, what will they do?
Prescribe medicine?
A sling?
Maybe it's better to just stay home.

Practice bike ride day 4 

Fortunately a security guard kindly helped me fold my and get it back in the car.

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Practice bike ride day 4 

Another solo practice ride.
As short as Day 2.

Don't laugh. 😐

I'm in right now.
Fell on my left forearm.
Actually tried to get it checked at a hospital, but the ER was full.

What made me think it was bad enough to see a doctor was that it's painful AND my hand was shaking* badly right after, for about a minute, i think. 🤷‍♀️

Couldn't use the arm/hand at all.
Drove myself home with 1 functional arm.
Did drive-thru.
Got twister fries as consolation...

It didn't rain at all.
But I fell in a bad way.
Seriously in pain now.

Oh it happened.
was fine.
Went out and rode my .
And hurt myself.
In much pain now.

Went to the ER of a large hospital and was told they're full and to try another hospital.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I think I'll just go home.
I'll be fine, I guess.

Please let me know if there's anyone interested in a (almost) brand new Canon EOS 2000D Camera + 18-55mm IS II default lens and EF 100-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM lens! :flan_photo:

Canon EOS2000D:
Mount: Canon EF-S
Cameraresolutie: 24,1MP
Sensortype: CMOS
Sensorformaat: APS-C (cropfactor 1.6)
Beelden per seconde: 3 fps

Canon EF 100-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM:
Mount: Canon EF
Soort lens: Zoom
Lensstructuur (elementen/groepen): 13/10
Diagonale kijkhoek (min): 8°
Diagonale kijkhoek (max): 24°
Zoom (wide): 100mm

No it's not free, I sell it to pay the rent so sharing is much appreciated ❤️

That is* ridiculous. So feature phones and dumb phones won't work at all anymore? Or maybe they meant only for those who want to use data. 🤔

Do 3G/4G/5G only matter to data or does it affect calls and SMS?

@Big_Diggity @kris
No idea! 😅

Just got the idea from The Tech Guy. He set up a for his youngest (for him to use with his friends) and he said the teen got really good at creating worlds there.

Do you guys have your own Minecraft server at home?

Maybe that's something he'll be interested in making* as a project with you. And he can invite his friends to the family server.

In turn he could teach you how to play it and then maybe you guys can do some Minecraft time together -- building things virtually.


Finished watching the series "A Tale Dark & Grimm". Not bad. Not bad at all. 👍

Unlike the star-studded "A Series of Unfortunate Events" that I got tired of about halfway through -- got so sick of it I "looked away" and didn't watch the rest.

I just looked up photos of pontoon . Interesting. 🧐 Thanks for mentioning it. Spent quite some time looking at all the different versions. 😀🛶🚲

Mostly for leisurely lake use, me thinks. 🤔 They do take up a lot of space. Suitable if there are zero obstacles sticking out of the water. Not ideal for floods in populated areas.

Oh, I don't intend to go fast on my . My idea of an enjoyable ride is a leisurely pace -- unless I'm riding with others then, of course, I'll try to keep up.

The vendor who sold my changed my bike's maximum* speed from 35kph down to 25kph. I said to him: oh don't worry I'm not planning on going fast. And he said, "Oh you'll want to when you get used to it and see how good it feels."

I was so amused. He was concerned like a Big Brother! 😅 🙏

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