I'm confused. Wasn't there a time people were saying Telegram was bad and to ditch it? So is it good or bad? 🤷‍♀️

That's a very picturesque route.

I was planning to a good distance today, to unfamiliar territory, to get my serviced. I'd gone riding Saturday (accident day) and Sunday (feeling-the-toe-cramps-coming day). Was thinking maybe 3 days in a row would be too much. But i thought, nah, it's fine. I'll be extra careful.

But I woke up this morning and browsed* Facebook (where the groups are). Bad idea. Read about a fellow cyclist's accident. I'm not happy. 😐

Decided to not ride today.
Now hanging out at a cafe.

I hope so. 🙏

I have to go ride again tomorrow morning.

I rode my twice in the rain already and have never* had it cleaned -- in 26 rides. Ever. It's time. Going to a place that specializes in . First time and still clueless, so I'm not taking chances. 🚲💦

What she's not saying (or doesn't even know) is that her insides are in terrible condition and who knows what major episode she'll have for killing 21 of her children.

21. Wow. Dumb. 🙄

Don't want children? Get a procedure done so you'll never* have children. Better than taking dangerous* pills to kill or getting a VERY invasive* procedure done to kill 👶.

(N.B.: This response is specifically to the photo of the woman with the 21 Abortions t-shirt message.)

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇲😃

Our U.S. office is closed. Yeah, that means I got the day off. 😁 (No, I'm not in the U.S. but yeah I got the day off. 🤪)

Thanks. Really glad for no pain and no damages.

Funny thing is he could've gone on my right side, with no obstructions, instead of passing on my left side and then immediately making a right.

And I wasn't speeding up, so he should've been able to estimate better* and kept a good distance before* moving right, across in front of me.

Went out riding again.
Now back home.
Sooooo tired... 😴 💤

🤷‍♀️ What can we do, eh?

I just wish they'd all keep their distance from me. 😅

Yeah, good thing no one got hurt and no damages either.

No, I think that place Jollibee was* his destination. That's why he turned towards the right. He was really bad at it though. He should gone further* ahead of me before turning. Then we wouldn't have had the accident. 🙄

Did I mention I had my first on Saturday afternoon?

(Length: 1 min 8 sec)

Footage from a crappy mounted on the handlebar of my . No anti-shake or stabilization. May cause motion sickness to some people.

Edited with the in . I didn't edit with . Hadn't done any serious editing in a long time now. 😕

I'm not always wobbly when I ride, like in that intersection.
I've improved.
Promise. ✋🤓

@tidmarsh @mastobikes @fedibikes
It's crazy, but I've seen some riding at night without lights. Some people just don't think accidents will ever happen to them... till it does. 😐

Oh, I should say... It's not just people on . Public utility and motor do it too.

Thanks 😊

Stupid fool riding like that. And in the middle of a wide multi-lane intersection! He was on a , I was riding my heavy . Thankfully no other [larger] vehicle was involved.

No actual harm done. Except for my bike's tire mark on his right calf. 🙄

I have yet to check the video.

That was so very dumb. He doesn't deserve his driver's license.

Good for you. 😃👍
No more anxiety or frustration when your phone's low on power.

So I woke up today and decided that cheese and crackers would do for my ride nourishment. I was planning on buying at the destination of the Better By Bicycle ride event. Never been to the The Grounds in Ortigas. I imagine they'd have plenty of vendors. Well, that was a no-go.

This is far better. Left the at home and took the shuttle to the mall. Back at my new favorite resto. Trying a different meal -- Chorizo Hash. With brewed , of course. 😋👍

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