When you just woke up and try to take your medicine half asleep with one functional hand and you got butter fingers... 🤦🏻‍♀️

And from 7k a few days ago, the number of our New Active Cases for yesterday was down to just 4k. Hallelujah! 🤸‍♀️


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Haven't looked at our numbers in a looooong time.

New cases on October 16 were just 7k. 😲 It used to be in the 5 digits! This is good !! 🤸‍♀️

I hope the numbers keep going down.

Cashy says... 

That's what my bike purchase was:

Learn and the to safely and securely do ; enjoy it as a leisure/social activity.

When the started* and everything shut down including , guess who WITHOUT CARS were able to get around and travel long distance? ☝️

(Though I can't imagine getting myself home on a bike with just 1 good arm. Hence a . I can call my bro or hire a car to get home.)

Practice bike ride day 3 

Another solo practice ride.

😐 Got my banged up in transit. Seems to still run okay. Just had to readjust the front mud guard.

☺️ Kind security guard helped me get my bike out of the car again.

😀 I did twice as much practice as Day 2.

😊 Making slow improvements.
Although I can still only do very wide turns. I'm still . But I'm doing it. I'm learning.

😎 Major breakthrough! For the 1st time I managed to get my bike in the car with no help! 💃

What I was up to this Monday afternoon 

Got my brother to help me get rid of the middle thingy. I could move the seats forward to bring my into the car but that thing was in the way.

And my bro thought I could have my bike beside me and suggested removing the front passenger seat as well. He did, but I couldn't turn the bike to move into that space. 🤷

I got my ~30-kilo (not sure of its real weight) bike in there by myself. 🏋️ Very pleased with myself. 🙃

Problem is getting it out! 😅

Barely a month old and already I got my banged up... while in transit... not while riding. 🙄

Bummer. 😐

Now what was that forecast saying?

I'm at my practice site and here's the sky -- clear and sunny enough.

Full disclosure: If I turn and take a photo of the opposite side of where I'm at it's actually overcast over there. You know what overcast looks like. Not taking a of that. 🤪

I kinda like* overcast, actually.

Main thing is: No rain. 🤓 And yes, I do love* rain. But not when I want to ride my bike. 😉

Still planning on going out on Sunday.

Looking at this afternoon's bulletin... erm... It doesn't look so bad, right?

😅 🚴

Pretty sure it doesn't look like this the whole rush hour time. But still...

Ain't it nice? 🤓❤️ 🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴

Well, look how quickly the is changing! 🤓 Used to say 90-ish percent chance of precipitation for Saturday and Sunday. Now it's at 70-ish percent.

Already made plans to a bit on Sunday morning, on my own, with possibility* of meeting up with someone 26kms 😮 for quick . Then meeting up in the afternoon with . 🚲❤️

My last practice was too short.
Because. Y'know. Alone. Awkward.

Gonna make the next trip worth it and bike more. With longer breaks. ☝️😉

There goes my weekend . 🚲 Gonna be rainy, pretty sure of it. At least it's not a major storm.

I'll just do a lot of walking on Monday for my *ahem* . 🛍️🛒🚶🏻‍♀️ 😁

Practice bike ride Day 2. Report 2/2. 

Still can't make smaller turns.
Still having trouble keeping the straight.
Still .
This time I remembered to keep my fingers on the brakes ☝️ (which had to remind me so many times on Day 1 last week).

Oh, and I fell! 😅
Very minor to my right knee.

First aid was alcohol spray and just lightly dusting the dirt off with my hanky.
I was wearing full-length jeans. 😉
Hence, very* minor.

Practice bike ride Day 2. Report 1/2. 

It seems like I didn't do much riding, but I got quite a . 🤪 No, really, I did. Honest! 😅

Total time out there was about 40mins, total move time ~13mins according to . Decided to stop when it was clear my ride was getting worse -- i.e. starting wasn't so easy anymore, felt more clumsy. That meant i wasn't feeling 100% and should stop before i start having bigger problems.

But I did it! My first solo practice ride! 😁

After lunch i was trying to convince myself that I could go ride on my own. That I should* go practice. ('s not available this Saturday.)

But in me thought: maybe I'll just go down install the extension bar and camera bracket I just ordered, and be ready to ride on Sunday.

What's that sound?
A whole lotta rain!! 🌧️🌧️
Okay then.
It's not that I'm chicken. It's the rain! 😅

I will* try tomorrow Sunday. ✋🤓

So many accessories and tips/tricks that I cannot use.

For one... I must never put my upside down. 😅

I suppose I could if I got the two ends of the handlebar resting on top of bricks. 🤔 Nah, too much trouble.

I went through the photos and short of my getting assembled. Found an incomplete footage of them installing the front wheel. 🤓

The guy attaching the front wheel is new to assembling . (The more experienced one was assembling another bike.) The guy supervising and holding the frame is the vendor.

I was doing takeout at Subway the other day when I saw the cutest pup ever!

I want this . 🐶❤️ So well-tempered and disciplined. 👍 It had been standing on the chair calmly for a few minutes when this photo was taken. Not acting restless. No barking. No whimpering. Just chill. 😎

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