Oh yeah, my reports I did 2 hours of cardio (there's no "" option so I counted it as a activity) -- that includes pushing my up the car ramp to exit the building. 🤪

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I felt like trying something a little different but not too different.

Ordered this Sizzling Chicken Aglio Olio Pasta at Pepper Lunch Express. Topped with strips of nori. And rather pepper-y.

It's alright, I guess. Everything here is served on a sizzling plate, and everything has pepper. 🙄

I'm just not a fan of black pepper in my pasta. I should probably never order here.

I don't know what I'm doing. 😶
I hope I'm doing it right.
First time doing this.
Hoping to get a few from all these .

Yes, I'm finally doing something with the mini kit I bought months ago. It came with some seeds: 🌿 Lollo Bionda, 🌿 Eton Lettuce, 🌿 Pechay, 🌿 Kangkong

I didn't use the kangkong seeds. Too much seeds already, too little coco peat.

Ordered the coffee combo at . At 2-5 in the afternoon, for the price of 2 cups of coffee, I can get a cup of and a slice of their of the day.

Been here a few times. I don't come because I'm hungry. I come to sit and rest and enjoy a little peace and quiet. 🧘🏻‍♀️

Good coffee. Good cake. Good service. ☕🍰👌

The leather piece that attaches the shoulder strap to my bag needs replacing.

Goodness. Doctor Leather charges 2k+ pesos for each piece! That'll be over 4k, not counting a new strap if I want one. For 2k or less I can buy a brand new bag! 🤨 Oh, on top of that, waiting time will be 2 to 3 MONTHS. 😳 Apparently they got plenty of customers.

Went to Mr. Quickie. One simple leather piece will cost me 155 pesos. So I spent 310 pesos in total. It'll be ready in 1 week. 👍

Still continuing yesterday's kuwento, remember the -murdering drainage grate?

When i got home, I was in a brake-abusing mood and rode down the ramp and over those nightmare grates. 😐 I was not in a walk-my-heavy-bike-down-the-steep-ramp mood. Hey, I was tired and wet from the rain. 🤷‍♀️

Both and rider made it down safely. It was still scary though. I should probably not do that often.

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Continuing yesterday's kuwento, here was my :
I needed to make a left.
As you can see, I'd have to cross 4 lanes to get from the lane to the innermost lane to make the turn.

Couldn't do it. Not with the way the motorists were driving. 😐

It'd be foolish to insist on switching lanes and expect them to yield. That's what many people do. It's not brave. It's dumb. And disrespectful -- if they won't let you thru, don't go looking for trouble.

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Got my handlebar height fixed. It ain't sexy but I'm practical and I prefer comfort. 🤪

Bought the riser thingy online and got the bike shop guy to install it for me.

I know. It's simple. It's on YouTube. But I'm not a handyman kind of gal. I got butter fingers.

Glad I paid a pro. Turns out the spacers that came with it weren't enough. He added 1 more (see top arrow). He also had a bit of trouble with the screw (see bottom arrow). But he got another and hacked it.

Money well-spent. 👍

Did I already say I love a rainy night?
Well I love rainy afternoons too!
I rode my in the ! 😅

No, i didn't go out looking for trouble. I just got caught in it.

So hungry now.
More kuwento* later. 😁

(n): story
(v): storytelling

So the last couple of days it rained a bit. And i thought: Oh goody! The will be happy.

I keep forgetting to water it. 😁

This afternoon it was looking gloomy outside again, and i thought maybe i shouldn't leave my new supposedly-hard-to-kill outside anymore. Brought it indoors. Only then did I see the tips have already gone brown. ☹️ I've only had it for a week.

The way my are surviving I don't think I'll ever get a . 🙄

Sunday morning.
Best ride ever! 🤸‍♀️
Disclaimer: For some parts of my ride I did use ☝️

My best ride date ever! 🥰 So grateful they let me tag along. They even fetched me and then made sure I got back home alive. 😅

The whole trip was on ! 🚴🚴🚴🚴 Didn't load my in the car and drive to the ride location. Rode it all the way! If you know what a beginner* and 🐔 I am, that's pretty cool 😎

In the words of that turtle in Finding Nemo:
Righteooooous!! 🤟😎

Oh my goodness. 😯

I just found a suitable title for users of any type of wheels* with pedals*:
! 😃👍

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And I got suckered into buying a . 🤪

Nah. I have* been searching for for months. Just couldn't make up my mind.

Today felt like a good day for plant shopping and this hardworking guy deserved a sale.

I normally don't photograph strangers but he seems the photo-ready type and I wanted to remember who i got my plant from -- he kept saying he'll guarantee* and replace the plant if it died. If ever it dies, I won't claim that, of course. 🤓

My reward for a productive errand day: proper and simple brewed .

So Friday I took my out thru the ground floor lobby. A guard kindly informed me it's no longer allowed to bring our wheels thru the lobby. We're now supposed to go down to the basement and then up the car ramp to exit the building. So I did my ride and when i returned I went in via the ramp. I knew better than to ride down. 😉 Still clumsy. So I walked my heavy bike down.

Now look 👇

I already thought of a way to ride past that in a safe-ish way. But still. What the... 😖!

I was hanging out at a gathering of . This ICE (Inspired Engineering) with a giant internal hub came. Apparently, it folds too! 😳

What the heck is wrong with this frog 🐸?
Flying a kite on a day that feels like 39° 😶

But really, what is this Google saying about 30-ish degree ? It's gotta be at least 40°C! 🥵

Beach time is ending. Almost time to check out.

We had our comments about the event and the place, but overall I consider it good.

Behold the view from my room. 🙂

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