I don't really decorate. Not planning on decorating for Christmas. is not about decorations anyway.

But i did get some holiday lights online. A little mood lighting doesn't hurt. This'll do, I guess, unless inspiration strikes. 🤔

It's . Works rather well, me thinks.

Left it by the window (indoors*) all day. Mostly* indirect daylight with only some* direct light in the morning. Turned it on when the sun was gone and in glow* mode it lasted at least 12 hours. 😃👍

I had a rather full morning. 🚴

Heck, yeah! I deserve a two-piece spicy chicken meal! And a coke float! 😋

So tired. But I was more hungry than tired. Food comes before sleep. I gotta replenish the calories I burned, right? 🤪

For the first time, I parked* my . Just me. Alone.

For the first time too I ate* at 7-11. Good enough for a quick while out with my bike. I locked my bike to a table less than 3 meters from the door. 😅

No, I wouldn't do this at other 7-11 stores. I'm comfortable here because it's inside the university campus. 🤪

It wasn't 51 mins. Forgot to turn off my ⌚.

When at 7-11, skip the brewed coffee. 😐

I am pleased to report that I went riding today. 🙂🚴 In the beginning I did my usual route, then went to a bike shop (unfortunately they don't do paint jobs), then wandered around the nearby streets. Very nice streets. 👍 But so many intersections. 🤷‍♀️

1 hour 55 minutes? Not really. It was more like 1 hour 20-ish minutes. Average heartrate 145 bpm, maximum heartrate 172 bpm. Not bad, me thinks. 🙂

These extra registrations and online signups do not help, in my opinion. I'm just being exposed to more* chances* of my info getting harvested in a hack.

I'm but I think I'm sensible enough in my digital existence that I'm not in as much danger as the next clueless person. But this leaves me no choice but to expose myself further to vulnerabilities.

I hate hate haaaaaaate it. 😐

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One of the better parking facilities I've seen. It's in a spot with high traffic, just in front of some restaurants, and has a bicycle repair station with some basic tools.

Finding furniture isn't easy.
2 malls and 1 major furniture store later...

Found something good enough.

No other colors.
Only 1 piece available.

I was planning to get 2.
Better than zero, I guess.

"I'm in a relationship with ."

"No coffee, no entry."

" loading. Please wait."

" - Obsessive Coffee Disorder

"A yawn is just a silent scream for coffee."

Oh my goodness. 😯

This is the most nicely decorated store I've been in! With a lot of natural light coming in the entire place. And very spacious. 😃👍

There's even a little room* in the corner for a little more quiet.

I didn't look hard, just a quick glance around, and it doesn't look like there are any electrical outlets for diners. Another good thing, actually -- considering how shameless people can be.

Went to for a lunch get-together. First time to dine at Alex III again since COVID started. So sad to see it so empty at lunchtime. ☹️ It was one of our preferred though it's not in any of our neighborhoods. No thanks to COVID, we didn't eat out much the past couple of years.

The is still good. The service, one of the best in .

So good to see the old waiters* are still there, still giving great service. They're a big part of what makes Alex III great. 👍

Either this is cute/amusing
or this is sad. (See photo caption.)

I say it's sad. 😐

Dogs have four legs!
Let 'em use those legs!!

And thanks to the staff at one of my favorite for the sample of their Oreo cheesecake. I'm not really a person. I came for the and the . But I do appreciate the free sample. 🍰😋

🎵 I went and rode my
I went and rode my 🎶
🎵 I went and rode my bicycle
I went and rode it where I liked 🎶

And I'm very pleased with myself. 🤪

The song? To the tune of that bicycle song by , of course. 🙃

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