Oh my goodness. 😯
I want this, I want this! ⌚ 🙃

🎵 I'm...
dreaming of a
new waaaatch
for 🎶 🎄🧧🎁

Resist? Or give in? 🤪

*sigh* What are the odds that I'll finally get that raise that my boss said I'd get... over a year ago? 🤔 Come on, I'm a good worker. They know it. Don't they love me? 🤷‍♀️

@evelyn If you get it you have to go Mountain Biking though. Otherwise your paying for Grit and Flow measurements that you won't be using! That would be a waste.

Maybe someday I will.
Ya never know. 🤷‍♀️

Nah, I don't care for Grit & Flow. I want the other features. Anyway, my Garmin Vivosmart HR still works but may be about to croak soon. I hope it lasts at least another year. But if it croaks, I already know what I'm getting next. ⌚

Or maybe it doesn't croak yet but I just get a really nice bonus for Christmas. And maybe I'll win some cash at Sunday's dice game. 🥮🎲🧧

Yeeeeah, that'll work. 🤔


Yeah, it's kinda like my old Solar, which I love love love but hardly wear anymore. The Casio is just a -- no activity tracking, no monitor, etc. I used to wear it everywhere -- even to the beach, kayaking, snorkeling, in the rain. The new Garmin is like a combo of my old Casio and old Garmin, with the bonus of linking to my phone.

Oh wow. Now I'm more convinced I should get it. 😳 Uh-oh... 💸


@evelyn You've done kayaking and snorkeling!? Oh now I'm jealous.

In a previous life.
Part of the .
In addition to sightseeing, wine tasting, tapa bar hopping, walking around ruins...
Basically babysitting tourists.
It's like , as they say. 😅

In this life I , go to the mall, or ride my . 😉

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