Just noticed today that my 's fork is getting rusty. It's only a year old. ☹️

I guess that's what I get for not giving my bike a wipedown after each ride... even after a ride in the rain.

So how do you guys decide when it's time to replace your fork?

I think it's not too big a deal. I'll take it to the bike shop for some cleaning and see what they'll say about the rusty bits. 🤔
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Take a brush, brush off pieces that get loose easily. Score yourself a can of WD-40, spray in on. Leave it for a few minutes. Wipe it down. Let dry fully. There it's protected again
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Ooh... I better get me some WD-40. 🤔

A guy working at an shop showed me that bike chains can be cleaned with WD-40 too. I guess it's a handy thing to have at home, eh?

By the way, I was at the mall and saw a shelf full of piggies at a store window. This photo's for you @martijn 😄 📸🐖

WD40 for chain cleaning? That’s either overkill, soapy water is enough for regular cleaning, or underkill, deep cleaning requires strong solvents such as white spirit or terpenes

Now I'm confused. 🤷‍♀️

And how about bike cleaning products? No good? I've never actually cleaned my bike myself yet. 😁

@evelyn WD is for WaterDisplacer. It’s used both to "dry" something and as a light rust remover through short term lubrication.

Bike cleaning products are good. Depending on the cleanliness you need, soapy water can be enough. As a commuter, I find dishwasher more interesting than having another product to buy and store between uses.

Thanks 😃 I do prefer to not have so many products. I just bought a small bottle of bike cleaner and a small bottle of bike-specific oil/grease.

I think I'll try your dishwashing 🧼 idea too. Soap is soap after all. 🤷‍♀️

Now my dilemma is cleaning my bike indoors* without making a mess. Need to shop for reusable easy-to-clean&store floor and wall covering. 🤔 Preferably not ugly, for times I'm too lazy to put things away. 😅

@evelyn Your mileage may vary, I live in an apartment and after consideration for doing it indoors I choose to buy a smallish (5 L) bucket that I fill and bring down to the bike in the street

Oh, I couldn't do that. That's not allowed around here, unfortunately. 😕 My only choices are indoors or paid (but very affordable) bike wash at a shop.

@evelyn Out of curiosity, is it forbidden because of the dirty water being spread in the environment?

No. I think it's more for appearances. It looks messy. 🤷‍♀️

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I clean my transmission with a standard bike cleaner. Water for the whole bike.
One dedicated soft brush for the frame, one for chain/cassette/jockey & pulley wheels, and one last brush for the chainring (kind of a double brush to clean both sides).
I've been lubricating my chain with wax for a year: chain lasts now one year instead of half a year + no more annoying noises, whatever the conditions (dust/sand/mud). Highly recommended!

Wax? Never heard of using wax in place of grease. Or do you mean dry vs wet type? 😯

@evelyn yes, wax, but especially made for bike chain. Replaces both wet/dry products. The main advantage for bike commuting is that your chain never gets that black sticky dirty mix again.
One drop on each bearing, from the inside of the chain. Turn the transmission on each gear. It needs a couple of hours to be ready, until the water evaporates.

Oh wow 😯 Thanks! Making a note of this one. Hopefully it's available at our local bike shops.

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