Oh no. 😳 Looks like my old 's ⌚ battery is about to croak. It was fully charged last night and died this morning. Battery level went from full to zero to ¾. 🤷‍♀️ It served me well for about 7 years.

Bummer. Not sure I wanna buy another. Maybe i can do without one? 🤔 But I really like getting about my , , and time of with notification if I'm overdoing or not doing enough.

I wish they had one that also reads blood pressure. I'll definitely want that one.

If it could, it'd probably be pricey. Right now the battery appears to be behaving normally again.

Would be a bummer if it shut off while I'm doing my 🚲 ride though. 🤞😕

@evelyn Which device is it? They may replace the device for you - I have a replacement Vivoactive 3 on it's way presently. I haven't had it for 7 years, though.

It's a .

I don't think they'd replace it. I bought mine at airport. Different country. 🤷‍♀️ I don't know if the stores here are with the actual Garmin company or are independent. I'm guessing independent, like our Apple and Mi stores.

@evelyn If you were at all interested in checking, I'd recommended just contacting their online support. I had no idea Garmin had their own stores, we don't have such a thing here. I just contacted them and it was all processed online. 👍

Probably not their own. Just branded as Garmin and only selling Garmin products, but operated by local distributors -- like Apple and Mi stores.

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