Hosted a gathering of 12 people plus me. I think it went well. Now I'm so... very... tired. 😴💤

@evelyn take a break! you deserve. I always take breaks. My life is a break.

I did. 👍 Slept 4 hours.
And now I'm wide awake again.

Indeed your life is one nice big break. 😃

@evelyn huuuuuge. Was it for mid Autumn festival?? I meant to buy some moon cakes today but totally slipped my mind

Yup! 😃🥮🎲
It was kinda last minute.

We did lunch at a restaurant and someone said, "Let's go to your place and play dice."

Sure! 👍

I was actually prepared and already did some cleaning up, and had some supplies from the last get-together. And they were prepared with the dice and the cash prizes. 🙃

In the Jude-Christian tradition, a gathering of "12 people plus me" may be a worrisome thing. 😉

No worries for me.
I don't do superstition. 🤪

Should've been 13 people plus me, but one couldn't make it. 🤷‍♀️

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