I really hate having to register or create an account just to use a service... A service!

It's just another barrier. Digital red tape. 🤦‍♀️

It should be optional -- used for convenience and not a barrier to services. I should be able to transact without going thru this nuisance. 🤨

I would've been done with this errand in 1 afternoon, but, nooooo!, I have to deal with crappy online stuff.

So here I am at a cafe. Navigating and wondering which email to give them. 🙄 (groan)

These extra registrations and online signups do not help, in my opinion. I'm just being exposed to more* chances* of my info getting harvested in a hack.

I'm but I think I'm sensible enough in my digital existence that I'm not in as much danger as the next clueless person. But this leaves me no choice but to expose myself further to vulnerabilities.

I hate hate haaaaaaate it. 😐

Back to how I hate having to register online just to access to essential services, I did register and explored the portal and I gotta say:

Well done, ! 👍 The best-designed portal by any government unit or department I've seen. , pretty & snappy! The for were very well done! Not as stiff or crappy as others' presentations*, with subtle cheeky humor added.

See the section on Stress Management and items for letters A & E.

That's what I'm doing. I use a lot.

But I still hate these stupid signups. Ugh!

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