🎵 I go out [riding]
after midnight 🎶
🎵 out in the [pouring rain]
just like [I never did before] 🎶

(to the tune of "Walking After Midnight")

No, I'm not crazy going out looking for trouble. I joined a group night ride and coincidentally, after our ride and while having our late dinner, it rained cats and dogs and we stayed put till around midnight. It was still raining quite a bit when I decided to pedal home. A volunteered to ride with me. 😊🙏

@evelyn Sounds like fun, I'd like to do a night ride, but I will have to wait until the days are shorter here.

Better to do it with a group. Like fireflies in the night. Better visibility. Motorists can see you better.

@evelyn I'm sure! I haven't yet got any awareness of evening group rides currently, but perhaps by autumn we'll have something going.
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