Someone who thinks he can hide by being nameless and faceless, in response to my toot about in the , this person goes on to say:

> First of all, taiwan is a country. Secondly, is this sarcasm? Like are you aware that what did to innocent people outweighs this little surveillance card?

Taiwan? Surveillance card? What's that got to do with anything that was said?

Sarcasm? Weeell, if you must* point it out, you're not good at it.

Hush. 🤫

I sometimes think that these weird people seem actually bad because they simply reply to the wrong post and then misunderstandings happen.
Then I realize that instead they are actually stupid.

I concur. 👍

They'll fall for anything and will buy and anytime.

@evelyn The guy is a dork. Laugh at him and his stupid comments. He's not worth anything else. 😃


Rather disappointing though that the admin of had no response when I reported this person.

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