These 🙊 and 🚫✋ features are so useful. ☝️

Let the haters and violent people cease to exist. Let them scream into the void. Let no one listen to the losers whose sole purpose in life is to make noise and stir trouble and blame others for their miserable lives.

Instead of striving and working to have a better life for themselves, their loved ones and the world, they waste time and work towards destruction. Instead of being salt and light to the world, they infect it with darkness.

Yup. See my toot right before this thread, with screenshots. Some evil coward hiding behind a fake name has a doxxing tendency with the way he points me out to his very few followers (and linked to a short blog post on my personal website) went on to conclude* that I "support... authoritarian right wing fascist". Liar. And he wants our president dead.

I messaged @admin about it. Dunno if they'll do anything about it, but at least I reported it.

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