The ideal number of , I've been told, is N+1. With N being the number of bikes your already own.

My next won't really be a bike though. Planning on getting a compact e-cargo . Not saying I'll buy one this year, or next year. But the next* purchase will* be a .

I hope I resist the temptation of getting another 2-wheeled ride. 🙏 Well, ya never know. 🤷‍♀️


@evelyn Do you know that those adult trikes are marketed as mobility scooters, especially for the elderly in Japan?

Other people can still use them, of course.

Nope. Mobility scooters are different. ☝️ Generally speaking, they don't have pedals. You don't expect PWDs to pedal at all.

I've seen a lot of those. We call them Ferraris. 😅 (They're usually glossy red in color.)

Not so much. Just thinking ahead. 😁

The car I drive is 24 years old and I keep thinking it'll croak one of these days. And I have no intention of buying a new one. Only way I'll get a new car is of someone else pays for it. 😅

Anyway, an electric cargo trike makes a lot of sense for me and my preferred way of life. 😉

@evelyn I've not been able to justify a second #bicycle but again today I'm wishing I had something to ride while waiting for new inner tubes.

I guess if you can't justify, then save your money. 🙃

But if the are very different and are for different purposes (other than just having a second* bike), then I think it's a good idea. 😁

2 mountain bikes. What for? 🤷‍♀️

1 big bike and 1 little foldie in a size that's allowed on public transpo. Makes good sense, me thinks. 😉

@evelyn It's funny you should say that. I was looking this morning at the Citizen Bikes Milan, which I could take to places I wouldn't ordinarily get to ride...

@evelyn ...but for about the same price, I could get a Detroit Bikes Sparrow, which is built more to my scale, weighs 1/3 less and is a bike I've had my eye on for some years.

Ooh... Citizen ! For a long time I dreamed of having a Barcelona. 😄🚲 But I can't imagine ordering a bike from overseas. Who knows how much customs here will charge me for bringing that into the country.

I've seen taller/bigger-than-average adults using with 20" wheels. They say it takes a bit getting used to, but they love it.

If you plan on pedaling to the train station, take the train, getting on a bus, pedaling again... 😃👍

The Sparrow looks really pretty too. 👍 Single speed looks so neat. No derailleur scarily hanging off the side. 😀

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