I should be sleeping now. But in about 2 hours I'm expecting the building admin to send pest control and poison my little place here. The building has some kind of infestation. Hopefully not termites.

Which means I'll need to get out for a while after they spray my place. But without any sleep... 😐

I think I'll go out for breakfast. A very slow lazy breakfast. I wonder if staying out 2 hours is enough. 🤔

This is just wonderful. (Not.)

They told residents to pick a time.
I picked 9AM.
But what was that for?

They're over an hour late.
And I'm still waiting.

Finally! 💨🚫🦟🐜
And now I must stay out. 🚶🏻‍♀️🏙️

@evelyn hope you got to go somewhere nice and recouperate!

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