Feeling lazy. Haven't gone out on my bike 2 weeks now. It's Sunday morning. I should be riding... Why am i not... 😐

@evelyn yesterday I struggled with motivation. I resolved it by downloading an audio book from libravox and listened to that on my ride.
Other tricks I use is to put a treat in my ride (eg:riding to a fish and chip shop on the beach 70min away) or brainstorming what jobs/errands/visits I can do by bike.

Thanks. Dunno what's wrong. I was so into improving my before. So pleased with going from barely-10-mins to 30-mins-straight just riding around the neighborhood alone.

Then i got sick. Nothing major. But now... 🤷‍♀️

I'll try tomorrow morning. 🤞

Still got a long way to go. Haven't learned the other basics. Like starting/stopping off* the saddle. Using just 1 hand so the other can signal. Track standing. Bunny hop, uh... Okay, too ambitious 😁

I was* hoping to join a long ride this Sunday with a group of . It's their yearly ride -- from where our national hero died to where he was born. I felt like I could do it even though it's 60kms each way. My problem was to the meeting spot @ Kilometer Zero in -- it's a long way and i didn't feel safe cycling alone. I asked the group of there's anyone i could ride with from my city to Manila. Nobody. 🙁 So i got lazy.

@evelyn @Aslanmane

Interesting! I wonder if I'm fit enough for this. 🤔 .

Which part of Manila (??) are you from?

Pretty sure they don't ride straight. Plenty of stoplights plus lunch stop.

I'm not in Manila. Hence the need for a for the long ride to the meetup. Many of them go bimodal to the meetup. I can't do that. I can't do long rides on the old 16" . I'd have to use the PAS 26" -- too cumbersome for buses and only 20" max allowed on the light railway .

Anyway, the ride got aborted due to an accident. They only went as far as Aguinaldo Shrine.

@evelyn I'm sorry to hear about the accident. I hope it wasn't serious.

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