I found an easy* yummy way of getting in my diet even while at home (i.e. not takeout). 🙃

Frozen already-cooked vegetable ! 😋 Straight from the freezer, pan-fried, and semi-steamed by covering in between turnings. Sprinkled with chili flakes. Don't even need soy sauce. Tastes like restaurant stuff. 👌

Wait a minute. 😶

Is that the same stuff that they serve us in the restos? 🤨


@evelyn Which brand is this?

The kutchay dumplings from Dong Bei are my favorite, but in a pinch, those from the neighborhood Soy & Bean shop is okay.

Actually, the one from NoBrand is not so bad - and cheap. 😁

The brand is Surasang. Found it in the grocery store. They have Vegetable Gyoza and Leek Gyoza. Less than 200 pesos, if I remember right.

What's Soy & Bean? A standalone store?

@evelyn Thanks!

Yep, Soy & Bean is a brick and mortar store for soya products, but carries other items from their other brands.

I've seen a lot of their other branches elsewhere, but you can shop online, too:

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