Hey, people 👋🤓 Anybody know if this self-watering setup is suitable for ALL* types of , including those that don't require daily watering -- like , , , ?


Not for sansevieria, for example:

> Soil for Snake Plants
Snake plants do best with a free-draining soil mix, because they are easily prone to rot. A soilless potting mixture is best to ensure adequate drainage. Also be sure to use a terracotta pot that won’t trap water inside and promptly remove any standing water from the saucer.

Learn about house plants:

And that's the crazy thing. The seller used snake plants for the photos on the product page! 🤯 So I thought, maybe I'm missing something. Maybe it's okay for all types of plants. 🤷

@evelyn That could work but your mileage may vary depending on multiple factors such as your environment (temperature, humidity, etc), the soil mix and the wicking material

So I guess I may have a few more dead plants before I figure it out. 😅

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