Ahem ahem... ahem... ahrrrgh...
Ugh, I hate this.

Feeling miserable now. 🌡️
I'm forever trying to clear my throat.
What should I eat? 😶 Throat problems? Try honey, mix it with little bit of lemon juice, eat it slowly and enjoy! :)

@parasurv @evelyn also include some peppermint and peppermint snaps and you will feel better.

@jordan @parasurv
Oh my... Definitely no whiskey at home either! 😅

I should add honey and peppermint to my grocery list. A little late now. I shouldn't go out. 😷 But I should always have them as staples, eh? 🤔

I called in sick.
For today and tomorrow.
Hopefully I'll be well enough on the third day.

Paid time off (sick leave) promptly approved by the client. 🙏

I'll still put together my weekly report and show up for tomorrow's meeting. Takes less than an hour. Yeah, I can do that.

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