After yesterday's event I brought my to the shop for a tune up. The chain placement in the rear didn't match the shifter.

I had to bring it back to the shop this morning. The shifter wouldn't go down to 1 and the rear gear again* didn't match the shifter.

Looks like it's fixed now. Again. 🙄

But when I got home, a screw fell off my bike. And I have no idea where it's supposed to go on my bike. 🤦‍♀️ Heeeeelp 😣
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@evelyn @fedibikes @mastobikes maybe from a bottle cage or saddle clamp? Where are now open or unused screwholes?

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🤔 I think* they're disc brakes. 🤷‍♀️

I'm worried now. I didn't examine my much before. It's not even a year old yet. And I rode it... let's see... ☝️✌️... 🖐️... 22 times?

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I've been looking. Can't see where it might belong to. 😕

No bottle cage. My bottle holder is like a bag attached to the handlebar with Velcro strips.

I'll go home and check the saddle clamp. He did pull my saddle up to hang my on a watchamacallit frame thingy so he could fix it. (I have no idea what it's called! 😅 ) And I did readjust my saddle's height before I rode off. 🚴🤔

@evelyn @fedibikes @mastobikes Couldn't it be one of the screws of the handle bar shifter ?

@evelyn @fedibikes @mastobikes

I don't have an answer to your question, but I hope you found out where that bolt has to go.

Anyway, I'm curious. Where do you get local announcements for bike events like that?

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It's probably from an accessory. 🔩 But none of my 's very few accessories is missing a screw. 🤷‍♀️

Sadly, I have to get my and from local about their from...

(drumroll please)...

Forwarded* among groups.

Companies and organizations are lazy. I don't see them promoting their own websites, if they even have 1. Blame the PR teams.

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I was hoping you'd mention something else. Anyway, thanks!

😂 Big disappointment, eh?
Well, you don't have to go full in to use Facebook.

I killed my personal Facebook account with all those "friends". Then i created one with no friends just for work-related research and for finding info on companies/organizations and their events. I'm keeping it friend-less.

You can create one and only follow groups, companies and organizations. No friend-ing.


Hahaha. I can live with one less mega corporation trying to monetize from my "social" interactions.

@evelyn @MapAmore @fedibikes @mastobikes A bike typically has many screw holes for accessories, all over the frame. Screws are usually provided with the bike. Maybe it's from somewhere you don't have accessories installed?

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Oh... Didn't know that.
Yeah, that might be it. 🤔

I was thinking maybe since I came from a bike shop I carried* a lost screw from the shop when i left (like birds carrying seeds with them unintentionally). Unlikely though, because my ride had a few bumps/bounces where it should've fallen off already.

You're probably right. 😁

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