Dear new people of and ,

You know it'll be easier for the people you to decide to follow you back if you put some bits of info about yourself in your profile. It helps to also do an post or toot.

Blank is like... Is this a legit profile? Or just a bot or spammy/troll-ish account created by people who got nothing better to do? 🤔

Know what I mean? 🤷

Say something, okay? 🙂

Of course.
I don't owe them a follow back.

But it's nice when people do follow back. It's like saying, "I see you." 👋🤓 Some people need that. And it doesn't cost us anything.

If we're just going to ignore people, why get into a social medium like Mastodon? Just build a blog or website. 🤷

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