@Mayana Please add me to Coffee, Cycling, Everyday Life, Food, Photography, Plants.

@evelyn But when are you going to take a picture of your plants sipping a latte and eating biscotti while cycling?

Wait. You mean:
A of a while it is sipping latte and eating biscotti?
And the of the plant is taken while I'm ?

Ah, I'm reminded how i used to drive around with my li'l ❤️ sitting in a cupholder attached to the aircon vent of the car -- so it could get more sun.

Perhaps I can do that with 🚲 🤔 hmm...

To those who don't know,
long story short:
the jade plant died.

Not because of joyrides. 🚗
Root rot. 💀

@evelyn Done! welcome to Trunk! 🐘 Sorry for being late.

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