So Friday I took my out thru the ground floor lobby. A guard kindly informed me it's no longer allowed to bring our wheels thru the lobby. We're now supposed to go down to the basement and then up the car ramp to exit the building. So I did my ride and when i returned I went in via the ramp. I knew better than to ride down. 😉 Still clumsy. So I walked my heavy bike down.

Now look 👇

I already thought of a way to ride past that in a safe-ish way. But still. What the... 😖!

And when I took my out on Saturday, it was a workout 🏋️ pushing my bike up the steep ramp to exit the building. I'll get used to it, but...

In my view, if wheelchairs and scooters for elderlies can pass through the lobby (surely they won't ban them!), it can't be that bad to allow other types of light wheels like .


I had to look up "Admiral Ackbar" 😅

I only know C3PO and R2D2. Ah, yes, and a few humans too. 😁

@evelyn I expect to wake up in the middle of the night now, in a cold sweat with this image in my mind. 😆

@evelyn So frustrating - and a common problem. As you say, there's no real difference to pushing a cycle versus prams, wheelchairs, mobility scooters etc.

A slightly different but related example from Oxford that I tweeted about last month - the University Parks don't even permit cycles to be pushed in their grounds! Of course, there's no ban on the aforementioned prams etc. Maddenning!

@evelyn Regarding your tweet @BicycleBen that is so nonsensical it hurts. Urrgh!

@BicycleBen Side note, I wish I had found you on twitter before I left there. It seems we had many of the same following/followers.

Ah well… I found you now. 😆

Hmm... Just realized that i wasn't following you yet.

👇 Following now.

@ruari @BicycleBen
It's ridiculous the decisions that are made...

Like fining in some cities if they don't wear a helmet. I say advocate* the use of it and encourage* people. But adding to their burdens? A helmet won't save them anyway. Fortunately no one's required that of pedestrians.

"Sir, do not step out of your home without your helmet. You can slip, fall and hit your head!"

Oh. My. Goodness. 🙄

Lord, save us from ourselves. 🙏

@evelyn @ruari Helmets - one of cycling's most toxic debates. My stance is strictly personal choice. They're rarely worn in the Netherlands outside of sporty rides and they're not rated for collisions with motor vehicles or high speed impacts anyway. For everyday riding they're a red herring and an obstruction to being able to use a cycle quickly and easily.

@BicycleBen @evelyn I agree personal choice.

In the winter here in Oslo I cycle past more people falling on ice when walking, than I do fallen cyclists. None of these walkers are wearing helmets! 🤷🏼 😜

@ruari @BicycleBen
Me too.

Some cities here don't have the helmet requirement. But I'd use a helmet in those cities too if i biked on their streets. Personal choice.

But I'd also like to be able to do leisure riding in a completely man-made city park* without being told I must* wear a helmet. 🙄

@evelyn @BicycleBen I wear a helmet when riding the penny farthing, when doing more aggressive off road unicycling or with the halfbike as I am not to it and it handles differently than other bikes (meaningI am more likely to fall). I don't really wear one for anything else.

@evelyn My first crash was due to riding over something like that. I didn't see it until it was too late to do anything. Grates are dangerous!

A biker's nightmare 😱

Some of our streets have grates too, in the direction of wheel traffic. Plus potholes, ugly thick metal sheets to cover potholes (or I don't know what they're covering), litter...

Several bikers in groups i follow online have reported getting a flat and finding that the cause was a little piece of staple wire. 😳


@evelyn Flats are inevitable but I've been pretty lucky. Only had a few over many years of riding and I wasn't too far from home or a bike shop. A lot of people keep a spare tube and pump with them but I haven't done this. I figure I'll just walk or at worst, call a friend willing to pick me up. 🙃

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