What would be a good general word for all people that ride , regardless of whatever reasons they ride bikes?

Oh my goodness. 😯

I just found a suitable title for users of any type of wheels* with pedals*:
! 😃👍

@evelyn I always liked the idea of adopting the Dutch word “fietser” given how normal everyday cycling is over there. They have a separate word for the sporty riders, “wielrijder”. So, in English use “cyclist” for sporty or hobbyist riders; “fietser” for everyday utility riders.

Might be an uphill struggle (no pun intended) to get that to catch on, mind!

@evelyn I always try to steer away from “bicyclist” or “biker” though - the latter I associate more with motorbikes, and in either case the terms exclude other types of cycle riders - unicycles, tricycles etc.

Oooh... I like ! 😃
Like saying feet-ster.

Why yes, I use my feet. And I'm on wheels. Like some kind of speedster. 😅!!

Yeah, I was thinking i shouldn't say I'm a because I also associate that word with athletes.

seems better but I might need to point out that it's not nor like Vespa.

Ah, but a human engine is not just for running a bike. A human engine can do so many things. ☝️

Eh, no. Can't use that to replace or . 🤪

My father, who used a bicycle to go to work when he was young, often says that the bicycle is the only means of transport in which the passenger is also the draught horse. 🤪

@evelyn where I live (US), biker usually refers to motorcycles. Many (most?) people refer to bicycle riders under the general category of cyclists although there are several subcategories such as road, recreational, mountain, gravel, touring, fixie, commuters and others.

To people who don't ride a bike. They're all the same 🤣

I have trouble telling the difference between bicycle types too. It's got 2 wheels and you pedal. That's all I care about. 😅

Ah yes, I can differentiate from regular bikes. That's it. 😁

@evelyn the French word for Bicycle is "Velo". So I propose Veloceraptor?

No idea. It's just a decorative* poster. I don't think there's even an actual club with that name.

@evelyn There's a Packet Pushers Podcast for the networking folks. I thought a Pedal Pushers Podcast might be nice for bicycle people.

Ah. Well, for this you'd be called a "kick starter".

😅 Waaaaah!


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