@evelyn well, I just did that a long time ago - but I admit that there are times you need a couple of Google services (scholar.Google). I use YouTube but I either download the video or use yewtu.be. In rare times I need Google search, I use “!g” on DuckDuckGo. Finally, I sometimes use streetview, because Apple Maps has no support in PH yet.

Before and maps were a thing, there was Ovi . ☝️ That was back in the days. Pretty impressive. I used it a lot.

Now it's Here WeGo. Still good, in my opinion. But does seem more convenient.

What did Google pay him for that video? (I noticed they were in the credits at the end.)

Yeah, he did a bit of a shoutout* to Google in the end. Anyway, i don't think it's his personal vlog video. Looks more like a piece he did for some "journalistic work".

For what it's worth, I very seldom use Google services these days (I use LineageOS without Google's spyware added, for example), and I don't relate to his "problems" at all. For example, if you're searching for a specific Tweet, why not use Twitter's search function?

I did make use of Google's live traffic thing the other day, but even as I was doing it, I was aware that the only reason Google had that information was because they were spying on something like half the phones in the traffic jam.

Technically they're not spying* on us because we willingly let them have our info. Also it's unreasonable to think we can benefit from crowd-sourced info without taking info from other people. 🤷‍♀️

I have no problem with voluntary contributions of crowd-sourced information, but I am very uncomfortable with it all being controlled by a few big companies. (And even more uncomfortable when it's controlled by one big government, such as the Chinese Communist Party.)

I'm also skeptical of the level of informed consent that's going on.

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