I'm confused. Are the numbers in people's Following and Follower correct?

I mean, when somebody starts following me, I go look at their profile. I see how many they Follow and how many Followers they have. But when I click it doesn't show anyone else -- for example, they follow me, and it looks like they follow a dozen other people, but when I click to see who they follow... I only see me.

Where are the others that they supposedly follow? Same with their followers. 🤷‍♀️

I'm interested in the answer. I've always wondered.

@evelyn Mastodon doesn't automatically get the list of followers from other instances. Instead, you have to visit their page on their instance to see the list of their follows/followers.

For example:

@evelyn Yeah, Mastodon avoids federating a lot of those things for some reason. Maybe because it's finicky to keep up to date?

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