@evelyn I had to get a new phone recently because my carrier informed me that my old phone would be non functional soon because it was 3G.

Kind of ridiculous. It might have been old, but it still worked great. 📱

That is* ridiculous. So feature phones and dumb phones won't work at all anymore? Or maybe they meant only for those who want to use data. 🤔

Do 3G/4G/5G only matter to data or does it affect calls and SMS?

@evelyn It affects calls, but not sure about data or SMS. Anyway, wifi and apps still work on the old phone, so it's not a total loss. :blob_neutral_face:

@evelyn Android 12 is very nice so hopefully your phone will get that too when it is officially released. Which version did the phone start with?

I think it was version 10 originally. It's not too old. It's just that i don't actually expect much from companies. 😄 so getting in upgrade was a nice surprise. Yeah, that would be cool if it upgrades to Android 12. Honestly i don't see much difference between 10 and 11. 🙃

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