Practice bike ride day 3 

Another solo practice ride.

😐 Got my banged up in transit. Seems to still run okay. Just had to readjust the front mud guard.

☺️ Kind security guard helped me get my bike out of the car again.

😀 I did twice as much practice as Day 2.

😊 Making slow improvements.
Although I can still only do very wide turns. I'm still . But I'm doing it. I'm learning.

😎 Major breakthrough! For the 1st time I managed to get my bike in the car with no help! 💃

re: Practice bike ride day 3 

@evelyn You're improving! keep on at it you're doing great!

Practice bike ride day 3 

@evelyn Looks like you got adventurous and took one long loop beyond the rest 😜

Practice bike ride day 3 

No no no...
I just went to get more water!
I walked that part. 😅

That's the road. I shouldn't be on any road yet. Not ready. I didn't bother to pause the Strava app coz I might forget to turn it back on.

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