Still planning on going out on Sunday.

Looking at this afternoon's bulletin... erm... It doesn't look so bad, right?

😅 🚴

@evelyn Don't know where you're located on that map, but have you considered pontoons on the bicycle?

Pontoons? For a ?
What do you mean?
Got examples?

I'm waaaaay inland...
Though our location is not immune to floods.

@evelyn I saw the storm track and thought that if you're biking you might need something to stay above the waters.

But if you're inland, you're good.

I just looked up photos of pontoon . Interesting. 🧐 Thanks for mentioning it. Spent quite some time looking at all the different versions. 😀🛶🚲

Mostly for leisurely lake use, me thinks. 🤔 They do take up a lot of space. Suitable if there are zero obstacles sticking out of the water. Not ideal for floods in populated areas.

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