Pretty sure it doesn't look like this the whole rush hour time. But still...

Ain't it nice? 🤓❤️ 🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴

@evelyn imagine if all those were cars! It would certainly have been a long and slow queue 😅

Oh I don't have to imagine. I know! 😅 Horrific traffic was our . 😁

Not so much. Not yet.
It's a work in progress. ☝️🤓

Would be so cool if here can have it good like what the Dutch and the Danish have. I remember that it looked so easy and peaceful there for . But here, it's like the jungle. 😅

It should be noted that we have rather dense, noisy, congested cities compared to and .

@evelyn well, it's nice that they are working on it!
Our capital is also doing the same, and it's getting so much better! 😁 They are also removing car traffic from the city, so now it feels more like a place where people are meant to be😛

That's nice. We're a long way from there here in North America. In my city, they're planning to spend 10 billion Canadian dollars to build a tunnel under the river to link two cities. We already have two bridges, heavily congested in rush hour. But every study shows that adding more roads only adds more traffic and after a few years, you get right back where you started.

Imagine spending this money on education or healthcare instead, but no... Cars. 🤦‍♂️

@sigsegv @evelyn
Oh, and that 9km long tunnel will be for a projected daily traffic of 50,000 cars at most. Which will only favor further urban expansion with people living further and further away from their workplace. 🙄

@normandc @sigsegv
But if they made that exclusively for non gas/diesel motorized vehicles -- which will include pedal power 🚲 and smaller electric vehicles (never heard of an e-SUV yet) -- perhaps it wouldn't be too bad. Keeps safer.

But yeah, adding roads for private isn't the solution. I'm not an expert but I think a real sign of progress in a city is when the people can get anywhere they need to go and be comfy without needing a car of their own.

@normandc @sigsegv
I should probably mention that I'm more comfy in a car. ✋🤓 But that's the little picture. The big picture requires something very different. And we'll all eventually adapt and get used to it. I mean, look at what this pandemic did. 🤷‍♀️ And we're still groovin'... 😅

@evelyn @normandc Oh, every day I'm in a car I fear that it will be my last day 😱
Maybe the traffic is more civilised where you live 😅 It's more dangerous to use a bicycle where I live though (I don't live in that capital I mentioned), so I often avoid travelling to places I can't take the train to. Haha

Traffic? Civilized? Here??! 🤣 Far from it! Traffic is awful because the drivers are. They can't wait, always want to get ahead, break the rules, have little regard for others.

I'm less afraid in a car. I'm not a wimp when it comes to driving. It's my normal. 😉

& are definitely a lot less safe in my opinion due to riders not having a shell*. Things happen. Things can fall and fly and there's no shell to shield the rider.


@evelyn @normandc Ah, I see 😓
I guess you're just more brave than me then. I've never been into extreme sports, haha.

And yes, bicycles can be dangerous too. I have some bad experience with that 😅 So I ride slowly now.

Oh, I don't intend to go fast on my . My idea of an enjoyable ride is a leisurely pace -- unless I'm riding with others then, of course, I'll try to keep up.

The vendor who sold my changed my bike's maximum* speed from 35kph down to 25kph. I said to him: oh don't worry I'm not planning on going fast. And he said, "Oh you'll want to when you get used to it and see how good it feels."

I was so amused. He was concerned like a Big Brother! 😅 🙏

> never heard of an e-SUV yet

I hate to break it to you but: they're already here, and more are coming.

Ford Mustang Mach-E, Kia Kona EV, Tesla Models X and Y are electric SUVs already available. More big e-SUVs are coming from VW, Kia, Hyundai (through the IONIQ brand) and many other brands. Here in North America, as far as I know, we're not getting new small EVs, only those blasted big things.

@normandc @evelyn Ah, that's a shame.. and we have the same priority too, outside our capital 😓 I'd love to see more pedestrian crossings and footpaths/bicycle roads instead.

We have an electric car, and use it when we need to, but I really don't see why we need to build more highways in this area. Sure, in the morning rush there's a lot of queue on the existing road, that happens to pass just beside a railroad (that people can use instead, if they don't like the queue) 🤦‍♂️

@sigsegv @normandc
Right now, people here are arguing against -- a plan that basically kills the in to create more roads.

It's better to greenify, make it more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly. More roads won't solve traffic congestion. Our president already recommended long ago that businesses move away from the city centers. We already got real estate developments outside Metro Manila. or if possible. 🤷‍♀️

This is the Philippines?

Back in the eighties, I remember watching tv news reports showing China city streets filled with people riding bicycles, so many they were practically touching elbows. No cars in view (I think nobody could afford them back then). Now I believe they have as many cars as Western cities. I mean they deserve a higher standard of living (like everyone), but that's hardly progress...

Yup. . I think the person who took the photo got lucky with that shot. I haven't actually seen that myself. 🤷‍♀️ But I know that area.

When I was in as short-term student (can't remember, some 20 years ago maybe) they had many people on even on main roads, and especially at the University. We had a very elderly teacher who biked to school from faaaaar away (can't remember the distance, something like outside* city limits).

A coworker who was over 55 year old used to commute by bicycle a few times in the summer, he lived 50km from work! But he would do it no more than once or twice a week.

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