Very tired. About to go sleep. Will say more at a later toot.
Just want to say right now that...
I went out and practiced with my !

No today though. She's recuperating from her allergies.

It was just me. That's a big deal, by the way. 😉

Rewarded myself with a Subway sandwich and baby mocha . 😋🍰

@evelyn hey, that's good news! Was this your first solo practice? Very cool!

Yes! First solo practice! 😁

I was supposed to do it Saturday but I chickened out and the rain helped. 😅

Then Sunday morning I got an (unintentional) nudge* from someone who didn't know I have a new bike and was thinking (and chickening out) of riding that day:
👦🏻 "Are you going out later?"
😐 "Yes."

I consider it a divine nudge. 😄

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