After lunch i was trying to convince myself that I could go ride on my own. That I should* go practice. ('s not available this Saturday.)

But in me thought: maybe I'll just go down install the extension bar and camera bracket I just ordered, and be ready to ride on Sunday.

What's that sound?
A whole lotta rain!! 🌧️🌧️
Okay then.
It's not that I'm chicken. It's the rain! 😅

I will* try tomorrow Sunday. ✋🤓

@evelyn I just went straight out of bed, because it looked sunny while there was a lot of rain in the cards. Still sunny while I rode back, but I should be building a boat now instead of tooting :D

You're building a ??! 😳
Didn't know you were near the sea.
Or do you have lakes around there?

No that was a reference to Noah's ark. Because it would be raining *that* much 😂

Oh! 😂 Silly me. I thought you were actually building something. 😅

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