5 hours after practice...
I got toe cramps. 😶
(I think that's what it is. 🤷‍♀️)
I should probably get a potassium supplement.

Do you have shoes made for riding or are they multi-purpose shoes ?
If multi-purpose, I'd advise a pair with a rigid sole that has a good grip. That's the best for mtb (for regular pedals)

Multi-purpose rubber shoes. Very old, so it's kinda soft.

Rigid sole. Noted. ☝️
Thanks! 😊

Yeah. About time I get a new pair for rugged* use -- i.e. ok for exposure to dirt, rain. 🤔 Definitely not using my soft wooly rubber for .

Hey, do you think those topsider/boat will do? They look rigid to me. 🤔

I don't think those kind of shoes would be appropriate. MTB shoes sole are really really rigid, so you won't feel the pedal and all your toes will be equally used to push on the pedal. It also need to have a good grip, to avoid slipping on the pedal when it's wet (slipping and getting a pedal kick in the shinbone is really unpleasant ;).
The model I have isn't sold anymore, but there are other brands that are making shoes like this. I have a pair of "the links" from Teva if it can help.

Thanks! 😃 I looked it up. Now i have a better idea. So i guess i should be shopping at bike merchandise stores, not the department store.

I just realized boat shoes are a bad idea. They can fall off my feet while cycling.

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