Time for a new toot.

Hello again, & ! 🤓

C'est moi! The evelynyap* that was on mastodon.cloud, who then moved to megadon.net, and then moved to mastodon.sandwich.net.

I now have my very own masto.evelynyap.com. 😊🙏

Thanks to the wonders of @mastohost, non techies like me can have an instance... sans the headache and nose bleed. ☝️😁

Ah yes. I should mention that mastodon.sandwich.net went down unexpectedly. I was unable to Migrate/Export my , and .

I found old exports from when I moved out of megadon.net, but it's very old. I've followed new people since, and some have already added/changed instances. That means I lost a good number of people I used to follow.

Oh well... I'll find them again, I guess. Eventually. 🤷‍♀️

I'm a little bummed about losing my bookmarked stuff though. 😐

@evelyn ah, this here is why whenever I follow someone I follow them from both my main and backup accounts. I don't sync bookmarks, but I don't care about those as much tbh

I don't want to maintain multiple accounts. I already got a bazillion email accounts/addresses.

I posts that have links to some interesting stuff that I want to check out later. I don't check things out right away, especially if I have no need for them yet.

Anywayz, I got my own now. Should be fine as long as I keep paying my bills. 😄

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