Weather matters 

I don't have a lot of faith in reports. I know... Weather is unpredictable as weather.

Today, morning* hours were expected to just be cloudy -- according to yesterday's AND this morning's reports. It's raining now.

For last week, reports said there'd be rain/thunderstorms all day, every day, the whole week. But Monday and Tuesday mornings were actually partly sunny. I could've planned for Monday differently.

Partly sunny vs thunderstorms.
BIG difference. 🤷‍♀️

Weather matters 

@evelyn that is frustrating. Here in Illinois, I think they have resorted to adding a precipitation percentage to everyday's forecast whether there's really a chance or not.

Weather matters 

There is a percentage in the report. And it's waaaaay off! 😅

Well, it rained pretty much all day today. Maybe tomorrow will be different. And i don't care what the report says. I'll be looking at the skies. 🤪

It's not a matter of faith, it's scientific. But you must check all the meteorological charts (especially the isobaric representations) , satellite photos, vertical profiles, and create your own weather report. Then and only then you go look at the skies and check if it agrees with reality. 😉

Not my job to check any chart. That's what the weather experts are for. 🤪

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