I hope the will be good enough tomorrow morning...
I hope I find a safe place where I won't be shooed away...
And I hope I'll be brave enough...
To go practice* riding my .

(Tomorrow...) Today. 

It's 4AM-ish and I'm chickening out of my original plan to go out and in the morning. 😐

Now thinking I'll go in the afternoon instead. Hope the weather will be good and I actually go through with it. 😣

(Tomorrow...) Today. 

@evelyn I've got to go for a bike ride, but it's all overcast and stuff

(Tomorrow...) Today. 

Overcast is fine with me, otherwise it'd be too hot. 🌡️
But not rain and mud while I'm still new to riding. 😳

(Tomorrow...) Today. 

@evelyn it's a nice riding temperature of 13 degrees here. The overcast kinda looks like it could turn to rain although weather forecast says no

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