And I end the week with an hour of (unpaid) overtime because one of the bosses decided to do a 2-hour call with me an hour before my work supposedly ends. Pretty sure I've mentioned in more than one occasion that my hours are 9-5. I even put it in my email signature!

The unpaid was not the worst part. It's itching to get off work and being stuck on a waaaaay too extended call, not knowing when it'll end. 😖

The problem is that any overtime must be pre-approved. It's in the rules. Asking the [to ask the client] for that extra hour would be useless.

I'm sure this [good] boss is aware it's past work hours (don't know if she assumes I automatically get paid for the extra time) because she thanks me profusely at the end saying she knows I gotta leave blah blah blah. To which I reply "I don't need to go anywhere, I'm at home. I just need to sleep!" 😜

@evelyn @jordan Sounds like you have banked the right to a really lazy hour next week at work. Let it rollover. 😉

I'd say a slow* and easy* hour. I can't actually do nothing for an hour. 🤪

My computer is hostage to the 's . Gotta keep that mouse moving. No, I'm not using a or whatever other name it goes by. That would be illegal. 😅

How about, I'm sorry we need to finish, I have other plans. 😊

That's a tough sell because 5PM Miami Time is 5AM here. Too early for anything. She'll know I'm making up excuses. My best reason/excuse is I need coz I have trouble sleeping. 😅

I could* say I've plans to go out for an early ride with other people... 🤔

Maybe someday* I can actually say that. Someday. 😜


It's none of their business what you schedule in at 5AM if it's your own time. I've told people I have 'Religious Observations' to duck out of time grab meetings before now :]

Well, I can't use that excuse because in my case it isn't true. 😁 Yeah, it should be enough for that boss to know that my work hours end at 5. 🤷‍♀️ And she KNOWS!

Nah. She's okay. She's a good boss. She just works too much and sometimes drags me along. 😅

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