Getting vaccinated 

At the end of my very long weekend, Tuesday noon, I consulted with 1 of my doctors. I asked if I can get my while [the government] is still only catering to people under Group A. Doc says I belong to A3* and wrote me a medical certificate for it. 👍

Got myself registered* at the city vax website. But scheduling* is unavailable at the moment. 🤷‍♀️

Info says I'll be informed via .

At least I made some progress. I hope I get or some other .

Getting vaccinated 

In a previous episode...

I was able to get registered* for but scheduling* was unavailable.

Now I get an email saying there are slots available... on Thursday. 😶 I can't do weekdays. I got weekday issues.

Will have to wait and hope that they announce a weekend or Monday morning schedule. 🙏

ANSWER: to send a message.
►NO, the baby boomers are not the center of the world.
►NO, Financial institutions, politics must realize that THE NEW WORLD will not secure what they sought to be already theirs.
It is may be our last chance to do it without violence.

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