I'm curious. I've seen two fairly new stores this weekend and they don't have the word in the store name anymore. Is Dunkin' no longer just Donuttin? 🤔

@evelyn They changed to just Dunkin' in the US, and I guessed they've since rolled it out worldwide

@evelyn As far as I know. I think they changed their name because they do more than donuts and coffee now, like breakfast sandwiches, etc.

I generally stopped going after they phased out the crullers, TBH

I see. Maybe also because don't have such a healthy image. Krispy Kreme doesn't use the word donut in their name. I wonder what Mister Donut will do. 🙃

Haven't bought anything from Dunkin' in a long time. Yeeeeears! But because they designed one stand-alone store to be , I may check them out...

@evelyn Yeah, the announced a while back that they were dripping the 'Donuts' from the name because they didn't want people to think they only sold donuts.

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