Don't rain on my parade. Pretty please? 😶 

It's pouring this evening. Google says it'll be raining for sure the whole day tomorrow.

Messaged my . Hoping she knows of an alternative place for practice -- someplace covered like a basketball court. I'd really like to start riding already. Gotta practice the basics, shifters and controls.

Thank You for rain. I love rain. Really, I do. But please lemme go ride without getting all wet and muddy. 😁🙏


Don't rain on my parade. Pretty please? 😶 

Well, hasn't cancelled. She's thinking of alternatives and will message me in the morning.

I better make solo plans. If we can't go riding then I'm doing my walking. 🚶🏻‍♀️🛍️🛒

Change of plans. Medical stuff. 

and I aren't meeting today. The rain is actually just a drizzle now. But we already decided to postpone.

A good thing actually, because in my hospital visit last week I forgot that I was also supposed to get an . 😬 So I'm doing that today and hopefully the results will be ready by Tuesday when I see the again.

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