My bike. Miscellaneous stuff 馃摲 

Found a way to attach my not-so-crappy old to my -- I finally get to use those straps that came with it. 馃お The bike is its new home.

This means I need a different for the car. And because I don't want to buy another* (it's a very* old car and we all know upgrading never ends) I ordered a clip-on attachment for my old that converts the lens to a slightly wider angle. That'll do. 馃憣

My bike. Miscellaneous stuff 馃摲 

Um... For the record, I'm not an action kind of person. It's more for recording in case I need evidence. Ya know, like a dashcam. But for my bike.

Also maybe I'll encounter interesting things. Would be good to have it recorded.

My bike. Miscellaneous stuff 馃摲 


"in case I need evidence"

for example if you spot a cute cat, huh? xD

My bike. Miscellaneous stuff 馃摲 

Yes! Exactly! 馃槃馃悎

I mean it wouldn't be good or convenient to suddenly stop, take out my phone, and take a picture.

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