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Time for a new toot.

Hello again, & ! 🤓

C'est moi! The evelynyap* that was on, who then moved to, and then moved to

I now have my very own 😊🙏

Thanks to the wonders of @mastohost, non techies like me can have an instance... sans the headache and nose bleed. ☝️😁

Oh yeah, my reports I did 2 hours of cardio (there's no "" option so I counted it as a activity) -- that includes pushing my up the car ramp to exit the building. 🤪

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Successful ride. 🚴🚴🚴🚴
Still alive. 🤪

Got home and first thing I wanted was a reward for my efforts. So I ordered an Egg McMuffin for delivery.

Yes, I did use (again) several times during our ride. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up with my . 😁

Now very tired. I didn't get enough . I'm actually not sure if I slept at all.

What's next?
Well obviously... 💤

Got a Sunday morning date with some .

Must sleep.
Now. 😶


I felt like trying something a little different but not too different.

Ordered this Sizzling Chicken Aglio Olio Pasta at Pepper Lunch Express. Topped with strips of nori. And rather pepper-y.

It's alright, I guess. Everything here is served on a sizzling plate, and everything has pepper. 🙄

I'm just not a fan of black pepper in my pasta. I should probably never order here.

I don't know what I'm doing. 😶
I hope I'm doing it right.
First time doing this.
Hoping to get a few from all these .

Yes, I'm finally doing something with the mini kit I bought months ago. It came with some seeds: 🌿 Lollo Bionda, 🌿 Eton Lettuce, 🌿 Pechay, 🌿 Kangkong

I didn't use the kangkong seeds. Too much seeds already, too little coco peat.

Oh, did they say my bag will be ready in a week?
It's a lie!
It's ready in one day!

Mr. Quickie is Mr. Quickie is Mr. Quickie! 😉

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Ordered the coffee combo at . At 2-5 in the afternoon, for the price of 2 cups of coffee, I can get a cup of and a slice of their of the day.

Been here a few times. I don't come because I'm hungry. I come to sit and rest and enjoy a little peace and quiet. 🧘🏻‍♀️

Good coffee. Good cake. Good service. ☕🍰👌

The leather piece that attaches the shoulder strap to my bag needs replacing.

Goodness. Doctor Leather charges 2k+ pesos for each piece! That'll be over 4k, not counting a new strap if I want one. For 2k or less I can buy a brand new bag! 🤨 Oh, on top of that, waiting time will be 2 to 3 MONTHS. 😳 Apparently they got plenty of customers.

Went to Mr. Quickie. One simple leather piece will cost me 155 pesos. So I spent 310 pesos in total. It'll be ready in 1 week. 👍

Commit to posting mostly or only positive things on your favored social media site for a while.

Still continuing yesterday's kuwento, remember the -murdering drainage grate?

When i got home, I was in a brake-abusing mood and rode down the ramp and over those nightmare grates. 😐 I was not in a walk-my-heavy-bike-down-the-steep-ramp mood. Hey, I was tired and wet from the rain. 🤷‍♀️

Both and rider made it down safely. It was still scary though. I should probably not do that often.

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Continuing yesterday's kuwento, here was my :
I needed to make a left.
As you can see, I'd have to cross 4 lanes to get from the lane to the innermost lane to make the turn.

Couldn't do it. Not with the way the motorists were driving. 😐

It'd be foolish to insist on switching lanes and expect them to yield. That's what many people do. It's not brave. It's dumb. And disrespectful -- if they won't let you thru, don't go looking for trouble.

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Got my handlebar height fixed. It ain't sexy but I'm practical and I prefer comfort. 🤪

Bought the riser thingy online and got the bike shop guy to install it for me.

I know. It's simple. It's on YouTube. But I'm not a handyman kind of gal. I got butter fingers.

Glad I paid a pro. Turns out the spacers that came with it weren't enough. He added 1 more (see top arrow). He also had a bit of trouble with the screw (see bottom arrow). But he got another and hacked it.

Money well-spent. 👍

Did I already say I love a rainy night?
Well I love rainy afternoons too!
I rode my in the ! 😅

No, i didn't go out looking for trouble. I just got caught in it.

So hungry now.
More kuwento* later. 😁

(n): story
(v): storytelling

The sun 🌞 is out and we got some blue skies again. 🙂

Which of the following sounds more like your ideal Saturday night? #Poll #Polls

So the last couple of days it rained a bit. And i thought: Oh goody! The will be happy.

I keep forgetting to water it. 😁

This afternoon it was looking gloomy outside again, and i thought maybe i shouldn't leave my new supposedly-hard-to-kill outside anymore. Brought it indoors. Only then did I see the tips have already gone brown. ☹️ I've only had it for a week.

The way my are surviving I don't think I'll ever get a . 🙄

🎵 I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night

🎶 I love to hear the thunder
watch the lightning
as it lights up the sky 🎵


🎶 Showers wash all my
cares away
🎵 I wake up to a
sunny day 🌄🚴🎶

🎵 Yeah
I love a rainy night 🎶


Just finished watching on . Wow. 😶

I wonder if that's really the end of it or if they got another season coming.

It's one of those series that make me go: Okaaaaay, I didn't see THAT coming. 😳

Pretty good. 🤓👍

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