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Time for a new toot.

Hello again, & ! 🤓

C'est moi! The evelynyap* that was on, who then moved to, and then moved to

I now have my very own 😊🙏

Thanks to the wonders of @mastohost, non techies like me can have an instance... sans the headache and nose bleed. ☝️😁

Another from Saturday's ride.

Bamboo with sidecars on display by Bambike Ecotours in 😃👍

Read the sign. 👇
No, you may not sit. 😕

My is about to start.
Got some catching up to do at .
And just like that, my 4-day is over. 🤷‍♀️

I hope decides to have a version of his . Why is it not yet a movie? Why? Whyyyyyy? 😕

It was the first Neil Gaiman book I ever read. I'm not a big reader. Actually have trouble finishing many* . I was so amused when I breezed through that book. Flipping and reading non stop through page after page after page after page, I was like... Oh my goodness, I'm reading! I'm reading! I can read Neil Gaiman!! 🤯

Yeah, he's that good. 😃👍

I had planned to attend 🚴 the monthly general assembly of users this Sunday morning. But decided I need to rest some more from Saturday's afternoon ride to Intramuros.

I got a new bruise when I got home Saturday evening. 😕 No, I didn't fall. It's the kind of bruise you get for no reason. I'm taking that as a sign that my body had a little too much.

That's in addition to the bruise I got on Thursday night. Yeah. I fell. 😅

Pedaled all the way to on Saturday with some fellow . Took some photos. Ate at Barbara's.

And just like that, I'm done watching all of episodes. 😶

I hope they make more. 😁

It would be soooo nice if people would think more than twice before they boost a post that is utter crap. You know what I mean. Don't defend it by saying it's meant to be funny or sarcasm or satire. Smart is smart. Witty is witty. Sarcasm should be quick and short. And... Crap is just crap.

And you know I'm referring to you, so don't ask if I'm referring to you.

Yeah, people, I'm gonna another one. 🤨

Okay, fine. I'll just put him on . Forever. Let him think he still exists. 👻

The at last night's late dinner at Z. They're not just being cute. They're waiting to be fed. Or waiting for you to go away so they can eat your leftovers.

So last week they had to cancel that li'l event due to expected heavy rains, and they rescheduled it for tomorrow. But now...

The forecast says there's a big chance for rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. 😅

🎵 I go out [riding]
after midnight 🎶
🎵 out in the [pouring rain]
just like [I never did before] 🎶

(to the tune of "Walking After Midnight")

No, I'm not crazy going out looking for trouble. I joined a group night ride and coincidentally, after our ride and while having our late dinner, it rained cats and dogs and we stayed put till around midnight. It was still raining quite a bit when I decided to pedal home. A volunteered to ride with me. 😊🙏

Waiting for my ride.
Got a tune in my head...

🎵 Every child
deserves love
a safe place to run and play 🎵
🎶 Every man
deserves a chance
to bring home a decent pay 🎶
🎵 Every race
it's equal
beloved in God's eyes 🎵

("All God's Children", Belinda Carlisle)

Had breakfast at and lookee what I got! 😃 The "long receipt" for a beverage!

The barista's too excited. I've gotten "long receipts" from Starbucks before, but this barista offered to assist* me in doing the survey -- strongly recommending I do the survey right then and there, because there's an expiration, and also pointing out that there's a scoring system of 1 to 7 and that 7 is the highest. 🤪

She gets points for her enthusiasm and effort. Even if it's not really right. 🤔

Someone who thinks he can hide by being nameless and faceless, in response to my toot about in the , this person goes on to say:

> First of all, taiwan is a country. Secondly, is this sarcasm? Like are you aware that what did to innocent people outweighs this little surveillance card?

Taiwan? Surveillance card? What's that got to do with anything that was said?

Sarcasm? Weeell, if you must* point it out, you're not good at it.

Hush. 🤫

These 🙊 and 🚫✋ features are so useful. ☝️

Let the haters and violent people cease to exist. Let them scream into the void. Let no one listen to the losers whose sole purpose in life is to make noise and stir trouble and blame others for their miserable lives.

Instead of striving and working to have a better life for themselves, their loved ones and the world, they waste time and work towards destruction. Instead of being salt and light to the world, they infect it with darkness.

FYI @admin

@Dudirty profile with the name set to (translation from language) "Kill and " and a toot telling people to kill our former president who was, at the time of that posting, the of the . BBM is our current* president Ferdinand "Bong Bong" Marcos, Jr.

This person is the doxxing type,
pointing to a very old blog post of mine,
adding color / ,
saying that I "support.. authoritarian right wing fascist".

Oh my goodness 😶
Successfully ported my number! 😄🤸‍♀️

Our government's solution for is merely a band-aid. that aren't even all connected. It's short-term.

I'm rather disappointed none of the LGUs have come up with plans/designs for elevated to combine with road-level bikeways.

Seems all our architects and urban planners have dropped dead from COVID. 🤨

@bikes @fedibikes

The ideal number of , I've been told, is N+1. With N being the number of bikes your already own.

My next won't really be a bike though. Planning on getting a compact e-cargo . Not saying I'll buy one this year, or next year. But the next* purchase will* be a .

I hope I resist the temptation of getting another 2-wheeled ride. 🙏 Well, ya never know. 🤷‍♀️


I've decided I should let go of Li'l Blue 🚲. 😐

Don't know what's wrong with me, I just can't ride it. I tried again today. I'm pretty bad at it. Too wobbly -- not the bike, it's me. Would be dangerous if I rode it on the streets.

I wonder if anyone would want to buy it. For an old , I did spend quite a bit for it. Bought it for ₱5.5k, then got the IGH checked and cleaned, and bought a new Shimano shifter. Total cost goes over ₱7k.

I really wanted to make it work. ☹️

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