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Time for a new toot.

Hello again, & ! 🤓

C'est moi! The evelynyap* that was on, who then moved to, and then moved to

I now have my very own 😊🙏

Thanks to the wonders of @mastohost, non techies like me can have an instance... sans the headache and nose bleed. ☝️😁

Rain started pouring after the ribbon-cutting of the bike rack donations (German & Dutch sponsors, i think) -- which was supposedly when they start doing the clinic. 🚴

It's been raining some 40 minutes now. I guess I'm not doing any today.

Anyway... I haven't had breakfast. And I'm hungry. Goodbye, Fort Santiago. 🤷‍♀️

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Lunch time. I wanted pasta. Couldn't find a pasta place -- I'm not at my usual mall hangout. 🤷 Went for something safe and familiar...

Hadn't dined at in a while since the authorities started the No Vaccine No Dine-In policy. (It's terrible, I know.) So pleased to have my frappuccino in a glass, with a spoon for stirring and easy drinking... No straw! 😃👍

Had a ham sandwich and peppermint frappuccino. Of course! 😉

I'm thinking of eventually bunching my water plants into one jar once they've grown a decent amount of roots.

Gonna start looking for a small glass jar with a spigot. That oughta make changing the water easier. 🤔 Yes?

Gonna be hard to find though. I suppose it doesn't have to be very small. Just need to fill the bottom half with some pretty stuff... Maybe I should start collecting rocks too. 😅

First resident 🏠🌱 

I took a new cutting and put it in a repurposed medicine bottle. The bottle is full of water and jelly beads. A disposable beverage lid keeps it centered and upright in the wide-mouthed bottle. I put tissue around the stem to cover the opening and prevent anything from getting in the water.

My new place is still bare. Can't move in yet. This gets to be the first occupant. 🙃 Planning on getting some ant-repelling too.


I was at the supermarket. After about 5 minutes walking around I was... *gasp!* I don't have my ! I left it in the car!! 😳 (Normally the security guard at the door would point it out and ask people to wear face shields.)

I looked around and noticed a good number of people also did not have on.

Then I remembered. The authorities did* talk about relaxing restrictions. Our numbers have been going down. Plus, some cities have reached goals. 😃👍

I got my first bike brand new. Branded. After I bought it I learned that our metro trains allow but only up to 20" wheels. My "one bike can't rule them all". 🤷‍♀️ Planning on getting a Japan* surplus* bike later* for bi-/multi-modal city commutes. Already asked other bike owners and they only had good things to say about their .

How about you?
How did you (will you) acquire /s?

When oh when can I go ride again...
Still not 100% recovered
but maybe it's good enough. 🤔
Maybe next weekend. 🚲

Hadn't slept an hour yet and some commotion outside woke me up.

Scary when you see someone so angry -- and you know that person is already ill and stressed and that all that anger could send that person to the hospital. And they won't back down. 😣

After an unnecessarily long drama it eventually ended with no one being rushed to the hospital. Thank God for that. 🙏

Will now try to sleep some more. 🙄

DOH COVID-19 Case Bulletin reports
13 November 2021

Total cases 2.8M,
out of which 29k or 1% are Active cases.

New cases on Nov 13th were only 1.9k! Hallelujah!!
🙏 🤸💃

I'm concerned. I went to a 's to check my mother's test results and... the site has . 😶

I'm very* concerned. 🤔

(No, it's not the hospital that I go to. I'm safe. 😅)

I'm thinking of cancelling my Premium and trying out Premium. 🤔 To switch or not... hmm...

Veterans Day to me means...
Day off! 🤸‍♀️

But I'm guessing it's more important than that. 🤔 No matter. 🤷‍♀️

Will try to get vaccinated today! 💉 Yes, I finally got an appointment. And I've my doctor's note 📃 that I can get vaccinated. Hope all goes well. I hope it's mRNA.🤞 Ah, but it's free -- who am i to be picky? 🤪

This was Sunday morning for me.
Glad I went. 😊

This group of foldable owners is celebrating their 12th year. 🚴🎈
Didn't go riding with them.
Still nursing my injury.
Arm is about 80% usable.

Someday... 😊🙏

(I hate how my phone tried to enhance* the colors in the . 🙄)

I'm confused. Are the numbers in people's Following and Follower correct?

I mean, when somebody starts following me, I go look at their profile. I see how many they Follow and how many Followers they have. But when I click it doesn't show anyone else -- for example, they follow me, and it looks like they follow a dozen other people, but when I click to see who they follow... I only see me.

Where are the others that they supposedly follow? Same with their followers. 🤷‍♀️

Well. That as a pretty good discussion. 😀👍 And we finished on time! ⌚

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